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Cooling Necklace from nano-ice

nano_gray_8_balls_1024x1024@2xCooling Necklace – Solid Color Grey

It can get super hot in summer where I live. There are many times that I need to be outside for work or play. At these times I am really wanting some way to stay cool that…more


The Boost – Everyday Push Up Bra from Harper Wilde

Harper-Wilde-S1711976_JKedit_2c2d7475-aa5f-4a63-8e64-2ae38a3176f1The Boost – Everyday Push Up Bra from Harper Wilde

Let’s face it ladies, finding the right bra is of utmost importance. If we don’t have a comfortable way to keep the girls under control, we are not going to be at our best. Finding a bra that…more

Stow-N-Go Portable Luggage System™ from Fusion Housewares

A278241_2Stow-N-Go Portable Luggage System™ – Large – Black from Grand Fusion Housewares

I am going to admit something. I deal with OCD. Overly Clean Disorder. I like to have all of my food labels facing towards the front of the cabinet. I want my washrags neatly folded and…more

CatLadyBox Winter Wondpurrland- Themed Box

7178a54623e04496b854a531b2bd4262-2CatLadyBox Winter Wondpurrland- Themed  Box

So I know y’all have seen all kinds of subscription boxes out there. I have found one that is purrrrfect for people that love cats.  I like that there are several subscription options available. You can get…more

Clipa 2 : Your Purses Best Friend

ELROClipa 2

I get tired of going out and finding no place to place my purse other than on the floor or table next to me. I do not like having to set my purse on my lap  in public restrooms. Fortunately I have found a solution to the issue…more

Historic Costumes and How to Make Them

yhst-137970348157658_2499_753741565Historic Costumes and How to Make Them

Let’s face it, the people of the renaissance period had some of the most amazing clothes. I love the way this style of dress makes you feel…more

Kinzd Men’s Classic Dress Leather Belt

BE002-B1-e1499223269610Kinzd Men’s Classic Dress Leather Belt

I really like the smell of leather. There is something about the scent that is comforting to me. Maybe it stems from my childhood. Watching my Dad polishing his boots to that perfect shine. I was happy to get that smell again when I opened the box containing the Kinzd Men’s Class Dress Leather Belt…more