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Today we allow our taste buds to travel to Cambodia. One of the many exciting things about this Asian country is the blend of cultures in the cuisine. It is a mix of influences from countries such as China, India and France. You can learn about “Cambodian Cooking” in Joannès Rivière’s new cookbook from Tuttle. Brilliantly photographed by Maja Smend. Your eyes are going to like what they see from the second you open the soft cover. Your mouth will water while perusing the recipes. And get this, by purchasing this book you will be helping impoverished children attend the Sala Bai Cooking School. Here they can go to school for free and learn a trade to use as a source of income.


Prepare all your favorite Cambodian foods with this easy-to-follow and informative Cambodian cookbook.

New cookbooks on Asian cuisines are much easier to find now than in years past. However, it’s still very difficult to find a useful cookbook that focuses on the foods of Cambodia. Now, for the first time, Cambodian Cooking brings a previously untapped culinary tradition to the table for everyone to enjoy.

Influenced over the years by a wide variety of cooking styles, Cambodian cuisine presents a particularly broad range of flavors to surprise the palate and stimulate the taste buds. Salty and sweet, downright bitter and sour go hand in hand or are blended subtly, sometimes within a single dish, to create a deliciously harmonious and original result. The recipes included feature favorites such as Curry Fish Cakes, Consomme with Caramelized Beef and Star Anise, Stir-fried Chicken with Chilies and Cashews, and Banana Sesame Fritters. Also included is an ingredients section that includes the Cambodian names as well as the Vietnamese or Thai names of the ingredients whenever necessary for ease of shopping.

Authentic Cambodian Recipes include:
Sweet Potato Rolls with Ginger
Pineapple and Ginger Ceviche
Rice Porridge with Fish
Khmer Curry
Soy Glazed Spare Ribs with Star Anise
Sweet Coconut Waffles

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