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BST-100B BabyOasis™ Bluetooth Sound Machine

BST-100-BABY-4BST-100B BabyOasis™ Bluetooth Sound Machine

Sound therapy can be a huge help raising children. Whether you are trying to get your little one to sleep or simply calm them down, the sounds in their environment dictate how many children react. BabyOasis has a fabulous way to use sound in your child’s growth. BabyOasis Bluetooth Sound Machine is exactly what it says. You can use the included sound card that is preloaded with 12 different sounds. These sounds differ from rain and waves to the what baby would hear while still inside Mom and many others. You may also choose to Bluetooth your own choices of sounds, music or even have stories read to your child on the speaker. BabyOasis runs for 5-8 hours off of one charge of it’s rechargeable battery. Charging is super easy, just use the included USB cord. The Bluetooth range is 30′ or 10m. The sound quality that come out this machine is really good.


  • Sound machine and Bluetooth® speaker in one product
  • Rechargeable battery – 5 to 8 hours of use on one charge
  • 30’/10m Bluetooth range
  • Continuous sound playback
  • Included card is preloaded with 12 sounds
  • Baby sleeps better with built-in or Bluetooth® streamed sounds
  • Doctor Developed Hospital grade sounds


Sound Oasis advances sound therapy for babies and young children to a new level with the BabyOasis™ Bluetooth Sound Machine. Exhibiting doctor-developed sounds, a great collection of white noise sounds, authentic sounds of nature and soothing baby music, BabyOasis™ provides a superior sleep experience for children of all ages. The BabyOasis™ BST-100B is the best white noise machine on the market, and comes with an SD card preloaded with 12 sounds to help create the ideal, peaceful sleep environment for your baby.
How a Sound Machine Can Help Your Baby Sleep
A baby sound machine, especially one offering white noise, soothing music, and nature sounds, is essential to your baby getting a good night’s sleep. Here’s why:
Babies are often stressed after being born. A mother’s womb is a very loud environment, and the silence outside the womb can very uncomfortable for the baby. In addition to this, the unfamiliar new sounds of the outside world may be disruptive to their sleep. White noise and our great assortment of sounds simulate the sound of the womb and can create a safe space to sleep, as they help block out other sounds and stimulations that may be causing babies distress. A white noise machine, especially one with 12 different sound selections, can put your baby to sleep and keep them asleep all night long.

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