Breakfast with Einstein


breakfast-with-einstein-1-380x570Breakfast with Einstein

Science is everywhere. Have you ever thought about how many parts of our day are filled with science. One type of science called physics plays a major part in our normal daily routines. “Breakfast With Einstein” written by Chad Orzel, describes the many times we use physics in our morning routine. Love how each chapter goes in depth on the physics of things we deal with everyday without overly complicated writing.

Chapters Include:

  • Sunrise: The Fundamental Interactions
  • The Heating Element: Plank’s Desperate Trick
  • Digital Photos: The Patent Clerk’s Heuristic
  • The Alarm Clock: The Football Player’s Atom
  • The Internet: A Solution In Search of a Problem
  • The Sense of Smell: Chemistry by Exclusion
  • Solid Objects: The Energy of Uncertainty
  • Computer Chips: The Internet is for Schrödinger’s Cats
  • Magnets: How the H*ck do They Work?
  • Smoke Detector: Mr Gamow’s Escape
  • Encryption: A Final Brilliant Mistake


As seen in the New York Times Book Review, Chad Orzel’s Breakfast with Einstein illuminates the strange phenomena lurking just beneath the surface of our ordinary lives by digging into the surprisingly complicated physics involved in his (and anyone’s) morning routine.

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