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Boomerangs: How to Make and Throw Them

yhst-137970348157658_2479_2181988927Boomerangs: How to Make and Throw Them

Boomerangs have interested me for years. How on earth can you through a piece of wood and have it come directly back to you. How does that piece of wood know how to return to the exact spot it was thrown from. What are they made of? So many questions. Did you know there are several types of Boomerangs? Did you know they have been used world wide for centuries? (Not just in Australia as many believe) While reading “Boomerangs: How to Make and Throw Them”, written by Bernard S. Mason, I learned this and so much more than the title implies. Easy to follow instructions help the reader successfully make and throw their own boomerang out of materials found fairly easily in most areas of the country. A truly fascinating read. Learn the mystery of the boomerang with “Boomerangs: How to Make and Throw Them”.


It only takes minutes to make a good, guaranteed-to-return boomerang. By following a few more simple steps you will learn how to throw it so it will always return to you. Soon you will be in possession of a new hobby, experimenting with many types of boomerangs, flying them in new tricks and stunts, achieving a degree of accuracy and excitement that will give you pleasure whether you are young or old, whether it is your first boomerang or your fiftieth.
This is the outstanding book on boomerangs. While a certain amount of the information is drawn from native methods, most is composed of new designs by Bernard Mason that are easy to make, easy to throw, safe, and full of possibilities. There are the standards — cross-stick boomerangs ranging in size from fourteen inches to three feet. There are pin-wheel boomerangs, undoubtedly the best flyers. There are boomabirds, boomerangs in bird shapes, airplane shapes, and other ornamentals with a wealth of strange flight patterns. There are tumblesticks, boomerangs that look like nothing but simple straight sticks — until you throw them. There are boomerangs you can make from cardboard. And there are the curved stick boomerangs from Australia. In each section there are examples of the best flyers, plus others — largest, smallest, jumpers, fast flyers, smooth flyers, and many more.
Since, as the author says, each boomerang possesses its own unique character, there is always the feeling of magic each time a new one is made and thrown. With this book you can learn to make nearly every type of known boomerang, learn to fly them, and add a new area of skill and recreation to your life.

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