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Blacksmithing Projects

yhst-137970348157658_2481_658362493Blacksmithing Projects

Most people do not think a lot about blacksmithing nowadays. The art has seemed to fade into the pages of history for most of us. I think it is time to bring this  ancient craft back to life. Percy W. Blandford, is doing just that with his book “Blacksmithing Projects” This acclaimed author has written 113 books on numerous  subjects as diverse as making Shaker furniture; blacksmithing at home; wood turning; knots and rope work; upholstery; country craft tools; and farm machinery.¹

In the book, Blandford, gives readers vital information needed to complete 24 different “Blacksmithing Projects” Each piece of work includes  illustrations that show ideas of what can be done, parts needed etc… The author encourages you to use your imagination as well to create your own work of art. Fairly clear instructions are given in early chapters. Readers will need a bit of experience to do many of the latter projects.

Is blacksmithing a lost art? Not according to this master craftsman. It might be one of the world’s most ancient crafts, but it remains an exciting and essential one today. Percy W. Blandford presents twenty-four different projects: some are for novices, requiring only a few tools, improvised equipment, and a single propane torch; others call for the skill and equipment of an experienced smith.

Projects include:

  • Punches and chisels
  • Traditional candlestick
  • Door latches and bolts
  • Garden tools
  • Weather vanes
  • Fences and railings
  • Tables
  • Wheelbarrow

… and many more! A book of ideas and suggestions, rather than an instruction manual on blacksmithing techniques, this volume features eighty detailed figures and diagrams. It also includes lists of materials, step-by-step instructions, and suggestions for variations in design

Reprint of 24 Blacksmithing Projects, Tab Books, Blue Ridge Summit, Pennsylvania, 1988.
Ready to Buy? Head over to Dover Publications and get ya a copy.
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¹ from The Telegraph

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