Bath Time Luxury with Three Sisters Apothecary


3s_Bthslt_rose_20ozRose & Coconut Milk Bath Salt Soak

Personally, I love natural scents. I do not really care for the scent of chemically perfumed bath and body products. That is one of the reasons I like the products from Three Sisters Apothecary.

Their Rose Coconut Milk Bath Salt Soak smells divine and does a fantastic job of softening your skin. Feel as though you are in a luxurious spa being pampered while your skin drinks in the natural vitamins and antioxidants in this lovely blend.

Rose Hip and Omega Oils help soothe dryness and reestablish inner radiance to stop premature aging. Marshmallow helps hydrate while Epsom salts help remove impurities. Ancient Pink Himalayan Salts contain 80 plus ingredients and minerals that help skin detoxify. Also great to help circulation.


Rose and Coconut Milk Bath Salt Soak soothes and relaxes the body with a powerful blend of mineral rich Ocean, Epsom and pink Himalayan salts. Pure Rose Absolute combines with nourishing Rose Hip Oil, lush Coconut Milk, soothing Marshmallow to detoxify the body and replenish needed minerals.

Directions: Add 2 ounces of Bath Salt Soak to bath. Allow salts to dissolve in water for maximum detoxification benefits.

Dark Chocolate & Mint Bar Soap3sis.BS.475oz_choco

This is a beautifully crafted bar. Nice sized for the shower or bathtub. Smells very refreshing. A fabulous way to get going in the morning. Love that it is pH Balanced and naturally hydrating. Great for all skin types.

Available In:

  • Black Licorice and Vanilla
  • Blood Orange and Cardamom
  • California Mission Fig and Honey
  • Dark Chocolate and Mint
  • Peppermint and Eucalyptus
  • French Lavender
  • Gravenstein Apple and Clove
  • Harvest Pumpkin and Cinnamon
  • Lemon and Ginger
  • Lemongrass
  • Mexican Lime and Cilantro
  • Meyer Lemon and Agave
  • Rose and Coconut Milk
  • Rosemary and Mint
  • Santa Rosa Plum and Nutmeg
  • Sweet Orange and Coconut
  • Ylang Ylang and Cedar


Rich and decadent dark Cocoa blends with invigorating Peppermint essential oil, Cocoa Butter, natural botanicals and gentle base oils to create a fragrant and rich bar to clean and fragrance naturally. The Nurturing Complex of Peppermint, Marshmallow and Vanilla work together to soothe and nourish skin. Naturally retained glycerin soothes and moisturizes skin.
Exotic Dark Cocoa has origins deeply rooted in its Aztec history. Once considered a drink of the Gods, this much-coveted treasure was introduced to Europe by the explorers and became highly prized. Antioxidant rich, the actives in this delicious aphrodisiac address the effects of free radicals on delicate skin. Peppermint used since antiquity for its medicinal and aromatic properties is rich in menthol, which cools and reverses dullness and oiliness. Vanilla, rich in antioxidants and a favorite of humming birds is a native of Mexico and tropical climates. Delicate yet powerful it harnesses an ability to fight free radical damage and supports skin health.

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