Barbecue Party


30633-Barbeuce-Party-Box-250x260Barbecue Party

Can you grill the perfect meal? Will the grill jump and toss food everywhere. Find out in Goliath’s fun new game Barbecue Party. Made for 2 or more players the object is too get 3 items off of the grill before the food flies. Players draw cards to see what item they will add to the grill and then what they will try to take off. Laughter ensues at every turn. A great family game from Goliath.


It’s Barbecue Party™, the BBQ game that decides if you’re a grill master or a dinner disaster! Choose your card to see what food you get to put onto the grill, but watch out–this baffling barbecue may jump, causing all the food to go flying off. This barbecue game with the goofy grill helps with hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills, and it has an element of surprise that will make kids howl with laughter. The winner is the first player to get 3 items off the BBQ party grill before the food takes a spill. It makes a great party game for 2 or more players, ages 4 and up. From the makers of Dino Meal.

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