A Practical Guide to Needle Lace


978-0-7643-5869-2A Practical Guide to Needle Lace

All across the globe right now, people are sitting at home bored. Are you looking for a new creative skill to learn during our time at home? Something different to try? May I suggest Needle Lace.

This art form is so beautiful. Unfortunately there is not a lot of information available on the craft. The good news is, I have found a great book from Schiffer entitled, “A Practical Guide to Needle Lace” that is perfect for beginners. The book is filled with easy to follow instructions, diagrams and plenty of photographs. Grab a copy be creative and learn a new skill.

Readers Will Learn:

  • A Little History
  • Material and Basic Techniques
  • Principal Points (Stitches)
  • Explanation of the Models

Author and professional designer, Jaqueline Peter, has partnered with Schiffer Publishing to give us “A Practical Guide to Needle Lace” Peter has a diploma from the Kantcentrum center in Bruges, Belgium in lace instruction and has founded Dentelle dans l’Yonne and Art de la Dentelle en Bourgogne in Burgundy France.


Master the art of needle lace making in this image-rich guide! Step by step, it explains the needed materials, takes you through the first, core skills, and teaches the process, from creating the pattern and preparing the support to separating, trimming, and smoothing. Detailed row-by-row drawings and photos clearly showing the threads’ placements help you learn quickly and without frustration. Then follow the instructions for 40 different lace patterns. Included are many examples of ways you can use your finished lace in beautiful and creative ways, along with dozens of variations that will let you add your own personality to your lace, and understand the draw that lace making has had over the millennia.

Ready to Buy? Head over to Schiffer and get a copy.

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