250 Best Meals in a Mug


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Whether you are a student, living on your own or an empty-nester with the kids all grown up and moved out of the house, there are times you do not want to cook a huge spread for mealtimes. That is where Meals in Mugs comes in handy.

When you are cooking for one or two, there is no reason to settle for boring. You can still get creative with a bit of help. Author, Camilla V. Saulsbury, has put together a collection of 250 recipes for quick, healthy homemade meals from the microwave. Recipes are easy to understand, use readily available ingredients and use American and Metric measurements throughout. There are all sorts of recipes in the book. Just take a look at the chapters and you can see that.

Chapters Included:

  • Super-Fast, Cheap and Easy Recipes with 4 Ingredients (or Less)
  • Breakfast Bread and Muffins
  • Soups, Stews and Chilis
  • Meatless Main Dishes
  • Meat, Poultry and Seafood Main Dishes
  • Pasta and Grains
  • Snacks
  • Deserts


The craze for microwaving portion-size dishes in a mug is only gaining steam.

Whether you’re dining solo or you’re pressed for time, meals in a mug are the perfect solution. And if you’re living in a dorm, traveling in an RV or eating at the office, they offer a convenient and budget-friendly way to eat delicious and healthy meals.

These individual-portion-sized recipes will take you through morning breakfast to late-afternoon snacks to satisfying suppers with just a quick trip to the microwave, omitting hours of stovetop simmering or baking. Camilla has stripped away all the time-consuming steps, as well as all the artificial ingredients found in boxed meals. Most of these recipes can be created from scratch in less time than it takes to defrost a processed store-bought meal. For example, in just 2 minutes, breakfast gets a boost with a delicious homemade muffin.

And all of the recipes can be prepared in advance for those times when you really need a meal on the run!

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