Stylish Wood Watches from Tmbr

helm-gold-womens-wood-watch-leather-band__67310.1517609509.1280.1280Introducing “The Helm” – Walnut & Gold Watch from Tmbr

Hubby is always looking for the perfect accessories for his wardrobe. He is very particular about his style and wants to look his best at all times. I have to say he does a really good job at it…more

Natural Skincare from Apple Valley Natural Soap

image3Kitchen Salt & Spice Bar

Working in the kitchen you can get all sorts of smells on your hands. Some of them do not like to go away, even after a good hand washing. Things like fresh garlic and onions for instance. Fortunately there is Kitchen Salt & Spice Bar from Apple Valley Natural Soap to help rid…more

Lavender and Tea Tree Herbal Haircare from Three Sisters Apothecary

IMG_4718Lavender & Tea Tree Moisturizing Shampoo Bar

I have spoken with y’all about the many benefits of Lavender and Tea Tree Oil so ya know a combination of the two is incredibly good your skin, hair and emotional wellbeing. Add other ingredients like olive and coconut oils, Panthenol, Burdock Root, Comfrey, Avocado, Shea Butter, Gotu Kola and Silk Proteins and you have something wonderful…more