Ava Shield Hard Surface Cleaner

hard-surface-cleanerAva Shield Hard Surface Cleaner

The dog that claims Hubby and I has a peculiar habit of drinking shower water. As you can imagine, this concerns me a bit when it come to cleaners. I refuse to use a cleaner with harsh chemicals. This obviously limits quite a few cleansers on the market…more



If children are ever going to care about the world outside of their hometown, they need to learn about the people, plants and animals that share the planet with us. Author Kristin Petrie teaches young readers about a…more

Oaktown Spice Shop

IMG_4683Oaktown Spice Shop

Spice is literally the flavor of life. With spices we celebrate tradition, express ourselves and explore the world’s flavors. Oaktown Spice Shop has searched the world to find the best quality, best tasting versions of…more