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Lucky Ducks

2700-04_luckyducks_box-256x260Lucky Ducks

What a fun way to spend some time with your child. Adorable little ducks “swim” around on the pond. Little hands will be excited as they choose a duck and then try to find it’s match from among the other “floating” fowl. Whomever finds three matching ducks is the luck winner. A great way to learn skills like shapes, counting, taking turns etc…more


Guilt-Free Nice Cream

untitledGuilt-Free Nice Cream

Over 70 Amazing Dairy-Free Ice Creams

Unbelievably decadent sounding ice cream recipes with out the guilt. Plus they are all dairy free. Count me in.  The recipes in “Guilt-Free Nice Cream”, written by Margie Broadhead, are truly innovative. The author covers not only ice-creams . She also gives numerous…more