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Mickey’s Found Sounds -A Musical Exploration Storybook

Mickey.pngMickey’s Found Sounds -A Musical Exploration Storybook

Getting your children started with music at an early age can be fun. Mickey’s Found Sounds -A Musical Exploration Storybook is written with little ones 4 years and older in mind. Take your little learners on a musical adventure…more


  Medieval and Renaissance Fashion: 90 Full-Color Plates


Medieval and Renaissance Fashion: 90 Full-Color Plates

I absolutely love Renaissance Festivals. I am actually a Royal Ambassador for the Texas Renaissance Festival. There is something truly magical about hearing the canon and then walking through the front gates. You enter a whole other world. The first…more

Migraine Magick

p1625754999-o255089904-3__18135.1485723538Migraine Magick

I do not know why this spray works. I just know it does. I was diagnosed with atypical migraines about a year ago after decades of numerous doctors trying to figure out what was going on in my body. My final try, a neurologist, prescribed a medication that got rid of most of my symptoms. There was still a tightening in my neck muscles that…more