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101 Burgers & Sliders

5bc1f4de07245f68409ebce1c7c7475c101 Burgers & Sliders

Classic and gourmet recipes for the most popular fast food

Oh burgers, how I love thee. There are so many awesome burgers in the world. You just can’t stop at trying one or two of the varieties available. You need to set your taste buds free and try out some of the many different options…more


Boomerangs: How to Make and Throw Them

yhst-137970348157658_2479_2181988927Boomerangs: How to Make and Throw Them

Boomerangs have¬†interested me for years. How on earth can you through a piece of wood and have it come directly¬†back to you. How does that piece of wood know how to return to the exact spot it was thrown from. What are they made of? So many questions. Did you know there are several types of Boomerangs? Did you know they have been…more