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Archive for August 3, 2017

Wedderspoon Honeys

WEDDER-OurProducts-Beechwood-image.pngWedderspoon Beechwood Honey

This is by far the thickest honey I have ever tried. Flavor is out of this world. A bit nutty. Full of sweetness Wedderspoon Beechwood Honey is …more


Blacksmithing Projects

yhst-137970348157658_2481_658362493Blacksmithing Projects

Most people do not think a lot about blacksmithing nowadays. The art has seemed to fade into the pages of history for most of us. I think it is time to bring this  ancient craft back to life. Percy W. Blandford, is doing just that with…more

The Magnificent Book of Ocean Creatures

212-644-Product_LargeToMediumImage-thumbThe Magnificent Book of Ocean Creatures

This is a truly beautifully bound book. Love the gold lettering on the word Magnificent. Love he multiple type styles in the title and the raised Orca that embellishes the paper over board cover of this gem. Larger than…more