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Spare-Me The 5 in 1 Rescue Tool

9ac318f472e4286572cb85268260dad4Spare-Me The 5 in 1 Rescue Tool

Spare Me is the one tool you want to have in your car at all times. This 5-in 1 Tool is so versatile you will want one for every…more


Teeny Tiny Gardening

49dc991081d2657309f2dd6d553330efTeeny Tiny Gardening

35 step-by-step projects and inspirational ideas for gardening in tiny spaces

I was recently at a meeting where door prizes were given out. I happened to win and was able to chose my gift from among the many choices. I looked at everything and decided quickly on a small clear glass bowl with a succulent garden planted in it. It was tiny and beautiful. So perfect.

When I found the book “Teeny Tiny Gardening”…more