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The Great Coaster

65fac55a51f04dceb86e3b1dae328de5-600x406_dm_edit_kiLgC2The Great Coaster

I love spending time at the beach. What I do not like is getting sand on my drink. Not that I don’t like sand, but once that sand is on your drink, it gets on…more


Sega Toys Homestar Original Planetarium

SY001PROBLA-11Sega Toys Homestar Original Planetarium

When I was younger I loved to sit outside and stare up at the stars. What am I saying? I still love to sit outside and stare at the beauty of the universe that God has made. But what if it’s hot, or cold, or raining, or…more

Self Watering Garden Patio Wicker Planter from Best Choice Products

SKY3558LRG-1_1024x1024Best Choice Products Self Watering Garden Patio Wicker Planter W/ Rolling Wheels Outdoor/Indoor- White

I am in the process of setting up my new office. Being the plant lover that I am I want to have something lovely and green to look at during the work day. Finding the perfect style of planter…more