Break Out! Journal A Guide to Go Beyond Your Barriers and Live an Extraordinary Life

62786a3d72a8531f18fc24f05f7f8822Break Out! Journal

A Guide to Go Beyond Your Barriers and Live an Extraordinary Life
By Joel Osteen                                        (Hardcover Book, 2014)

Joel Osteen is well known for his uplifting Christian writing. Break Out Journal will help you get more out of his new learning series Break Out. This journal is a great way to take time daily to hear from God. Each chapter is designed to help you believe bigger. Know that God is able to do way more than we can imagine. Daily “Key Truths”, scripture, thoughts and prayers allow the reader to “takeaway” Biblical truths that make their life extraordinary. I was sent a copy for review purposes.

We were not created to just get by with average, unrewarding or unfulfilling lives. God created us to leave our marks on our generations. Every person has seeds of greatness planted within by the Creator. In his #1 New York Times bestselling book, Break Out!, Pastor Joel Osteen reveals 5 keys for living that focus on moving beyond barriers.Now, Joel Osteen offers a practical tools and guided help for readers to break out and break free so they can believe bigger, increase their productivity, improve relationships, and accomplish their dreams. In using this journal, you will find yourself challenged daily by insightful reflection questions, motivated by a specific call to action, and inspired by a relevant Scripture verse-all of this with space in which to record thoughts and revelations.

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