The Confident Mom By Joyce Meyer

isbn9781444785340-detailThe Confident Mom

By Joyce Meyer

I am a huge fan of Joyce Meyer. I watch her television program “Enjoying Everyday Life” every morning before work. Joyce has a way of speaking that reaches people of all ages and backgrounds. Her writing style mimics her speech. I can actually “hear” Joyce speaking as I read her books.. “The Confident Mom – Guiding Your Family with God’s Strength and Wisdom” reads the same way. In this book we learn how to use faith and God’s Biblical teachings to have confidence in raising our families. “The Confident Mom” shows us that no one is a perfect Mom. We are going to make mistakes. The Bible can show mothers how to raise Godly children, Joyce’s book helps guide moms through the troubling times. Having confidence. Our faith in God is key.  Knowing that God is in control is crucial to every step on parenting. If things go wrong, and they will occasionally. We simply must put our faith in The Lord above to make things right again. Well written as all of Joyce’s books. A great gift idea for any mom or mother to be.

Book Description

Coach, cheerleader, confidant, chef and chauffeur–the job description of a mom is as broad as the horizon. Perhaps this is why so many mothers deal with insecurity and uncertainty as they do their best to raise their children in a challenging and ever-changing world. If you’ve ever gone to bed disappointed with yourself, if you’ve ever felt like you weren’t measuring up, or if you’ve ever wished there was a manual for motherhood, #1 New York Times bestselling author Joyce Meyer has just the book for you.
In THE CONFIDENT MOM you will be encouraged that you are not alone–God is with you and He wants to help you with the challenges you face each day. Through inspiring stories, Biblical principles and Joyce’s own valuable life lessons, there is no doubt you will discover the path to a new confidence and joy in motherhood. No matter your age, the size of your family, or the circumstances you find yourself in, THE CONFIDENT MOM will help you become the joyful, confident mother God created you to be!

I received a copy for review purposes

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