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 _240_360_Book.1043.coverFor today’s review we are going to do things a bit different. It seems Mom wants to get in on the review action. My love of books came from her as well as my Christian values, so who better to do a few guest spots on Texas Kitchen? Here is Mom’s first book review:

Doing the Right Thing Making Moral Choices in a World Full of Options

By Scott Rae  Published by Zondervan

 I was quite anxious to read this book, “Doing The Right Thing”.  As a Christian I was expecting it to have Biblical references and strong Christian input. The book, after all was part of the Chuck Colson series of the same name.  I was mistaken. From the very beginning of the book, I found it was more of a essay for the collegiate crowds.  It was done in a fashion of presenting various beliefs and describing them in a great deal of detail – more like a debate for each set of beliefs -going through the different shades of their morals and ethics. I was anticipating more Christian values – from the beginning to the end.  I found little of this type of meat in this book. Also, I am a country lady who is accustomed to more lay language than “university speak.”  This type of presentation lost my interest early on.
I did read the book in its entirety.  I wish I could do a more positive review for it.

Book Description

According to author Scott B. Rae in Doing the Right Thing, our culture is in an ethical mess because we’ve neglected moral training and education. This book proposes that there is such a thing as moral truth, that it can be known, and that it can be put into practice.

Looking specifically at the areas of medicine, the marketplace, public life, education, and the family, Rae shows how foundational ethical principles can guide you in making moral day-to-day decisions. Informed by Scripture and calling for a renewed understanding of the importance of the Christian faith in moral training, Doing the Right Thing issues a call for cultivated virtue that can bring about both better lives and a better society.

You will find yourself examining the ways in which ethical and character issues relate to your life. As a result, you will be better equipped to promote virtue in your own spheres of influence and the culture at large.

I received a copy of the book for review purposes.


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