New Year New Me

simplegetfileSo I have decided to try to go totally organic. It’s not like a New Years resolution or anything. We’ll maybe it is. It’s more like I just want to feel better. I get so fed up with the big food brands calling foods natural when in truth many of them are packed full of man made chemicals. I’m not even talking about the ingredient lists most people cant pronounce. That will be a soapbox for another day. I am talking about the simple ingredients that are tainted.

Even if a product says it is made with natural corn ya need to realize that 88% of the American corn supply is a GMO variation or “round up ready”. This basically means the seed for the corn plant is genetically modified so 945982_10151459248498515_960508147_nthat when the corn plant grows the farmer can spray round up or other glyophosphate broad spectrum systemic herbicides directly on the plants without harming the corn plant. Yes this keeps weeds out of the corn field and this might sound good to some, but think about the implications. What happens to the spray on the corn plants? Does it simply wash off in the rain? Does it stay in the soil? Does it contaminate the corn? Are pigs being fed glyophosphate treated corn really having piglets with major birth defects like I have read recently? What does all this mean when humans eat this GMO corn or even the meat from animal as that are fed this corn? Glyophosphate is poison and I personally do not want to ingest it anymore.

So how can we stop putting these chemical poisons in our bodies? It’s startling simple. Buy organic. I know what you are thinking. Isn’t buying organic really expensive? I say ” Isnt  going to the doctor after your body has ingested poisons for years really expensive? ” I went to the store yesterday and yes many of the organic prices were a bit higher, some much higher, but some were right in line or even less expensive than top shelf brands.  I

I checked the produce department too. What did I find? Organic apple prices were only 10¢ A pound more than conventionally grown apples. That’s not bad. I picked up an organically grown apple. It looked amazing, really pretty and really big compared to the apples in the non organic section. Then I looked at oranges. They were priced 30¢ each more when choosing organic but they were 3 times the size of regular oranges. Next stop bananas. Regular were 62¢ a pound while organic ran 99¢ a pound. I bought the organic. Pears ran about the same price if purchased organic or not. I also bought radishes, cucumbers etc…

When I arrived home I decided to do a taste test. I realize many of you younger readers honestly have no clue what food should taste like. That sounds odd I know, but it’s true. Unless you grew up with home gardening you have only tasted foods that are either picked to early for shipping purposes ( they actually spray a gas on some tomatoes and strawberries to make em turn red at the store because the are picked green) or genitally modified. Ok back to the taste test. First, the pear. I gave it a quick rinse and bit right in. I usually peal conventionally grown fruit because of the pesticides and wax. Can you imagine what’s trapped under that waxy coating? Eww! The skin was tender and the flesh juicy and delicious. This pear actually tasted like the pears I remember eating from my grandparents orchard as a child. Yeah!!! Finally food with flavor. Next was the banana. These bananas are huge. Peeling was a bit harder than non organic bananas I purchased before flesh was creamier and sweeter than I have had in years. Another winner. On to the radishes. Yumm! Another hit it out of the park triumph for organic farmers. Real garden fresh radish flavor. I think you are getting the picture. Outside of growing your own food the only way I see to get real flavor in your produce is to buy organic. I am totally loving this change. I hope to find the time to let y’all know more about my new organic lifestyle over the next few months. Would love to review any organic products if you have something you want shared on Texas Kitchen.

Just as a PS for tea search purposes as I start this change I am 43 years old. I am 5’6″ tall and weigh 153 pounds as of this morning. I have had allergies for years to almost everything. Let’s see how this changes. God bless and see you soon.


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