sweetriot Riot Bar 70% Quirky Quinoa


sr_logosweetriot Riot Bar 70% Quirky Quinoa

So, the folks at sweetriot asked Hubby and I to do a taste challenge. They wanted us to compare their sweetriot Riot Bar 70% Quirky Quinoa with a Nestle Crunch bar. They even sent us both bars to try. Let’s see how they did.

Which is better tasting? sweetriot’s dark chocolate beats Nestlé’s milk chocolate in my opinion. We both like that sweetriot is sweet, but not overly sweet. Hubby likes that the crunchy quinoa gives a bigger crunch to the bar.

Which is better for ya?   sweetriot wins this round hands down. It is organic, non-GMO, and only 20 calories a square. Really who can eat just one square.  sweetriot is also Kosher, Vegan, and fair trade. What more can you ask for?

We are thrilled to be putting the CRUNCH into healthy dark chocolate with the sweetriot 70% Quirky Quinoa riotBar. We are delivering a premium, healthy, fair trade, uber delicious dark chocolate riotbar-quinoa_largeedition of the rice crispy crunch chocolate that so many of us know and love. Get your dark chocolate fix while enjoying the numerous healthy benefits of quinoa. Quinoa is rich in protein and contains all nine amino acids. In addition, this supergrain contains almost twice as much fiber as other grains. Go ahead and get your CRUNCH on! 
What makes the sweetriot riotBar so special? It is sweetriot’s very first Fair Trade Certified and Organic Collection. The sweetriot riotBar supports fair trade and sourcing cacao exclusively in Latin America, which directly supports a better life for farming families through fair prices and direct trade. 

  • twelve single 3.5 oz (100 g) bars
  • each bar has thirty squares.
  • each of the squares is 20 calories-yum! 
  • surprise inside each wrapper!
  • original artwork on every package!
  • sweet thx to artist Lindy Gaskill. 

kosher | vegan | no gluten or dairy ingredients 

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Ready to buy?  Head on over to sweetriot and get ya some of these great better for ya chocoaltes. Texas Kitchen Readers can use the discount code texaskitchenriot to receive 20% off their order (excluding riot club memberships). 
The code is good until 12/31/13!

“The Promise: The Birth of the Messiah” on DVD

promise-coverThe Promise: The Birth of the Messiah

I love  being a review blogger. I love trying new things, reading books before they are published, seeing movies early etc… and telling y’all about them. There are some reviews that I really love having the opportunity to do. This is one of those. I was sent the DVD “The Promise: The Birth of the Messiah” so I could let y’all know about this wonderful musical presentation of the story of the nativity. Glorious Films of Ontario Canada has outdone themselves with this beautifully animated portrayal of the birth of Jesus. The perfect way to show the young ones in your life the wonderful story of Christ’s arrival on the earth. This is the movie you will want to share with your family year after year. Start a new tradition with “The Promise”.

Check Out The Movie Trailer:

The Promise: The Birth of the Messiah is an animated musical celebration of one of the most pivotal events in all human history, the birth of Jesus Christ.
This beautifully crafted musical is a faithful adaptation of the birth narrative from the Gospel of Luke in both story and song. The animated production leverages optical motion technology to blend traditional animation techniques with the performance talents of ballet dancers and dramatic stage actors. The result is a unique and worshipful story experience that will inspire audiences young and old for years to come.
In ancient Israel, during the days of King Herod, a young couple’s world is turned upside down when the prophecy of a long-awaited deliverer unfolds upon their lives. They must trust in God’s promise in the midst of rising challenges, and their faithfulness is rewarded as they witness the most surprising and glorious event of all human history – the promise fulfilled in the birth of the Messiah.

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Mirror Metalics from SinfulColors

546066_560816693948977_843695506_n This Holiday season decorate more than the tree. Try Mirror Metalics from SinfulColors for a festive look. I got to try em out for this review. Let’s check em out.

Mirror Metalics from SinfulColors

These colors are fantastic. Sure to dress up your nails for even the poshest of parties. Rich color with enough sparkle to really make em feel  festive. Mirror Metallics are the same quality nail polishes you expect from SinfulColors with a kick of holiday flair. The 2013 Holiday Collection from SinfulColors should be in stockings everywhere this season.

Slivers of tinsel, glittery ornaments, festive wrapping paper that sparkles ’round the tree…these are a few of our favorite metallic things. New this season: The Mirror Metallics nail polish collection from SinfulColors features seven sparkling shades guaranteed to steal the spotlight. Infused with sensuous shimmer, these luminous tints will light up your holiday celebration. The Mirror Metallics collection covers the color scheme from seductive purple to bold gold. Each is designed to bring a sweeping holiday spirit to all who partake in the festivities.

Sincerely sparkly and subtly sexy, these seven metallic SinfulColors hues make haute holiday gifts:

 Check Out The Colors 27

Pine Away: A glittery X-mas tree green

Red Eye: A sprinkle of crimson by candlelight

Purple Heart: A royal rush of rich purple

Gold Medal: A golden, glimmery goddess

Blue Steel: A brilliant blue gush of gift-wrap

Triple Platinum: A light shade of lilac tinted with tinsel  

Simply Silver: A sparkling ornamental shade of silver (not shown)

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Ready to buy?  Head on over to SinfulColors and find out where you can buy some of these great colors. Mirror Metallics are available exclusively at Walgreens.

Karen Egren Jewelry

Print Jewelry can define your personality. So finding the right piece is really important. I was blessed to be sent a gorgeous pair of earrings from Karen Egren Jewelry for review. Let’s check em out.

Sterling Silver Cubic Zirconium Stud EarringsE_013_4cbfa212627c1-640x480

These earrings are obviously stunning. They sparkle like real diamonds. Quality craftsmanship in sterling silver. All of the jewelry from Karen Egren can be described as E22-13-640x480elegant and can be worn on even the most fashionable occasion. Want to ake a statement and help people in Sub Saharan Africa get clean water? Buy from Karen Egren Jewelry’s exquisite Voss Collection and you will do just that. Twenty percent of the proceeds from each sale will go towards the Voss Foundation. The bracelets in the Voss Collection are so beautiful, you are going to want to buy more than one.

 Karen Egren Sells Fine Jewelry In these Categories:
  • Necklaces
  • Earrings
  • Bracelets
  • Rings
  • Watches
  • Petite
  • Bridal

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