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I am a Christian, and the way I read the Bible, Jesus was a Jew. Therefore I also celebrate Jewish Holidays. Mama Doni gives Jewish and Christian children alike a way to celebrate the holidays with her new DVD Mama Doni’s Jewish Holiday Party. I received a copy for review and I absolutely love it. Not only does the DVD have great music, ya also get to learn how about Chanukah, Passover and Shabbat. Jewish Holiday Party also includes Mama Doni’s recipe for traditional latkes. If ya don’t know what a latke is, well it’s a really delicious potato pancake. Traditions such as Chanukah Gilt and the lighting of the menorah are highlighted in the video. Fantastic gift idea. Includes a CD of the songs. How cool is that?

About Mama Doni:

 Embracing and honoring Jewish tradition with a fresh, new approach, two-time Parents’ Choice winner Mama Doni (Doni Zasloff) sings, dances, and cooks her way through the holidays in a fun and inspirational DVD, Mama Doni’s Jewish Holiday Party, and its companion CD soundtrack, Mama Doni: The Acoustic Jewish Holiday Collection.

 There has never been a mama quite like Mama Doni, who manages to score a perfect 10 in the world of family music with a joyful celebration of Jewish tradition, culture, and ruach (spirit) set to the colorful sounds and vibrant rhythms of contemporary American bluegrass.

With so many Christmas entertainment options available to families, Mama Doni’s Jewish Holiday Party is ready to take its place on the shelf, filling a need for the millions of children who celebrate the Jewish holidays and for audiences who would like to learn about them.

Focusing on three Jewish holidays — Chanukah, Passover, and Shabbat — Mama Doni’s Jewish Holiday Party promotes an understanding of Jewish traditions, in Mama Doni’s warm, contemporary style.  Each episode tells the story of the holiday, offers exciting, original music, and includes a scrumptious cooking “how to” segment for such wondrous Jewish dishes as Traditional Latkes, Uncle Milton’s Challah, and Mama Doni’s very special Matzo Pizzza.

Check Out The Trailer:

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Ready to buy?  Head on over to Mama Doni’s Website and get ya a copy.


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