Cook With Confidence – Like Having One_On_One Cooking Lessons at Home

Cook with ConfidenceCook With Confidence – Like Having One_On_One Cooking Lessons at Home

Wonderful for the beginning cook. You know, that friend of yours who can’t boil water. “Cook With Confidence” teaches even the most novice in the kitchen how to cook. The first section starts off extremely simple then each new section gets progressively harder. For example in the “Get Started” part the student learns how to do things like cook a fried egg properly. The “Novice” section moves on to recipes like “Basic Beef Stew” and “Stuffed Chicken Breasts”. The third, “Intermediate”, cooking section gets a bit harder. This part includes foods like “Pork Chops with Cook with Confidence-2Applesauce” and “Pasta Arrabbiata”. The final section of the cookbook is titled “Advanced” and it teaches you to make “Paella”, “Mixed Seed Bread” and many other mouth watering recipes I love that each recipe comes with lots of full color photographs of the preparation steps. Makes it really easy to know you are doing everything correctly. The book comes with a DVD that you can watch so you will feel like you are at cooking school with your own private tutor. This is a great way for anyone interested in learning to cook to get started. Many kitchen skills can be learned from the Cookbook CVC combo.

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Ready to buy?  Head on over to Love Foods and Parragon and get ya some of these great cookbooks. Check out some of their other book categories while you’re over there. I was sent a copy of Cook With Confidence for review purposes.

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