Reviews of Products I love

479828_510967728948862_490051971_nEver wanted to have your own garden but had absolutely no idea where to start? Think it will be to hard? Have I got the perfect solution for you. It is called Nourishmat and it is so cool. What exactly is a Nourishmat you ask. It is a 4′ x 6′ roll out garden that takes all the guess work out of gardening. The mat is self irrigated so watering is a breeze. Just hook up the hose. It has holes at the proper spacing 24299_568171669895134_1315698856_nalready in the mat so you know exactly how close you can plant your seeds. Nourishmat even uses the companion planting method so your plants can actually benefit from the plants near them. The seeds come in seedball form so they are not as susceptible to birds They are surrounded by everything the little seeds need to get a good start. You still have to water them of course but I told ya how simple that is going to be. The seedballs do not even need to be started indoors. Weeds should not be an issue with Nourishmat due to the thickness of the mat. It not only blocks weeds but help retain moisture so your plants can grow and produce. Gardening made easy. Ya don’t need acreage to garden. Remember Nourishmat is 4′ x 6′ so almost anyone can have their very own garden. You can even purchase seedballs separately if you only have a windowsill. Seedballs can be direct planted in pots for super small spaces.  And y’all know I totally love the fact that Nourishmat is working with their suppliers to provide heirloom and organic lines of seed and that Earth Starter Sources all Non-GMO seeds. What all does the Nourishmat come with? Check out the features.

935009_523158981063070_797899139_nNourishmat Garden features:
Built-in irrigation
Pre-cut holes and plant spacing
82 Pre-planted seedballs
19 Plant types
Easy to plant
Weed barrier
Garden staples
Mat-to-Mat hose connection
Online resources

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Ready to buy?  Head on over to Nourishmat and get ya one or two. They make great gifts and super fun class projects for schools. There is even an Herb Mat for those of you that love cooking with fresh herbs.


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