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9780974382920Jambalaya For The Soul: Humorous Stories and Cajun Recipes from the Bayou

I love Brother Jesse. He is so in touch with the Lord. And he is funny. Christianity does not have to be boring and Jesse Duplantis proves that with his book “Jambalaya for the Soul – Humorous Stories and Cajun Recipes from the Bayou”. This is a great read.  Jesse went through years living a sinful life, he even played in a rock and roll band some of y’all may have heard of. He had a praying Momma that wasn’t going to give up on her son.  Her years of praying paid off. The book tells stories from throughout Brother Jesse’s life that are not only hilarious they are filled with the blessings of God. To quote the book and of course Proverbs 17:22 were it came from in the first place…” A merry heart doeth good like medicine: but a broken spirit drieth the bones”. Y’all need to get you a copy of the book so you can laugh and be blessed all at the same time. Hey, did I mention? it’s got lots of wonderful Cajun recipes from Jesse’s family and friends. They sound really good y’all.

Product Description:

No one ever said being a Christian would be easy, but it can be funny! Find out just how funny in Jambalaya for the Soul, a light-hearted celebration of the Christian experience. Dr. Jesse Duplantis, a fiery Louisiana Cajun, shares side-splitting stores from his own life. From the bayous of Louisiana, to the barrooms of Memphis you’ll find out how this former rock musician came to be one of the most well-respected ministers of the Gospel. Dr. Jesse Duplantis leaves congregations laughing – and you’ll laugh, too, as you read this collection of his best-loved and funniest stories. With each misadventure, you’ll not only find something to laugh about, but you’ll also discover how 942836_10151416520526386_1509348390_nGod’s love and salvation can help you through the most trying times. Jambalaya for the Soul includes:

  • Real-life stories told by Dr. Jesse Duplantis.
  • A Cajun glossary of the hilarious words used throughout the book.
  • A collection of delightful and easy-to-make Cajun recipes you’ll love to try with your family.

Don’t wait another day; discover the strength and nourishment that comes with a daily dose of Jambalaya for the Soul!

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