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9781575621944Over The Edge Xtreme Youth Devotional

Over The Edge Extreme Youth Devotional is an entire years worth of daily readings to uplift Christian values in today’s youth. The book is .written by Kenneth and Gloria Copeland so you know it’s full of great teachings on God and His unending love for us. Each page has a section that says Talk The Truth, Study The Truth and Read the Truth. This book is a fantastic way to help get the Word deep into the heart. Talk The Truth gives a scripture relating to the days devotional to read out loud. Speaking the Word out loud is really important. Study the Truth helps ya learn more in depth detail about what Biblical principal is being taught that day. Read the Truth is a bonus feature giving readers the opportunity to read a portion of the Bible daily. After a full year they will have read through the entire Bible. That’s really cool. It is super important to know what is actually in God’s Word. So many times people think they are quoting the bible when they aren’t. For instance most people think the fruit eaten by Eve in Genesis was an apple. The Bible doesn’t say apple at all. It reads the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil…Apples are not mentioned in this story. Get a copy of the Over The Edge Xtreme Youth Devotional for someone you know.

Product Description:

Over the Edge The Xtremescene. It’s the bigger, the higher, the faster, the more intense . . . the better! People everywhere are jumping into it more and more, they’re pushing the outer limits in extreme sports, music and attitude. They’re living on the edge. How About You?

If you’re ready for intense pursuits, forget those lame, alternative rushes everybody’s trying. Go for the one real rush that has eternal value. The kind that comes from knowing God, not just knowing 942836_10151416520526386_1509348390_nabout Him. Truly discover Who He is and what He’s got planned for you. Go Over the Edge!

Think of this book as a road map to help you understand the ways of God. It’s a book packed with 365 intense trips into truths about living for Him. It will guide you into discovering new adventures, pressing beyond limitations and diving head-first into God’s plan for your life. Over the Edge will challenge you: Fulfill Your Destiny Take Hold of Your Freedom Live Your Life in Hope Accomplish Your Dreams Let Go of the Past And Much, Much More! If you want what’s real in life, don’t take someone else’s word for it. Take God’s. His Word will take you as far as you want to go! Get Xtreme in God today . . . go Over the Edge.

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