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9781472307279Step by Step Vegetarian The Perfect Guide to Meat-Free Meals

I love vegetarian cookbooks even though I am not a vegetarian. Why you ask? Because they have the most amazing recipes for vegetables. Really, who knows veggies better than a vegetarian? I was sent a copy of  “Step By Step Vegetarian The Perfect Guide to Meat Free Meals” for review. This is such a fabulous introduction to eating vegetarian. I love the step by step method that shows beautiful full color photos of each step in the recipes. Instructions are given from beginning to plating. So many creative ways to serve those healthy vegetables to your family and friends. Even includes a part that show ya how to substitute vegetarian options for their animal food ingredient alternatives.

Vegetarian cooking today is exciting, colorful and tasty!  A million miles from dull nut roasts! This fantastic collection of recipes  will appeal to carnivores and vegetarians alike. It includes warming soups, salads and light meals, everyday dishes for the whole family, plus some special occasion treats. Every recipe includes helpful step-by-step photography to guarantee success every time. So whether you are already a vegetarian looking for new inspiration, or just wanting to increase the vegetarian element in a mixed diet, the Vegetarian Step-by-Step Cookbook offers a wealth of delicious new dishes.

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