Racinne – Ultimate Youth Power Series

966405_534467103276075_17605577_oBack to our tour of the great lines of products from Racinne. Today we are going to look at the Ultimate Youth Power set. They sent me some sample so let’s check em out

Ultimate Youth Power Creamultimate_youth_power_cream_2

Feels great on the skin. I really like that this cream helps your skin repair itself. Moisturizers and skin protectors give your face a more supple look and feel.


        Contains ginseng callus extract, SH-DP-9 TM and adenosine to reorganize and strengthen skin cells, promoting aged skin cell regeneration and metabolism to start the skin’s self-repairing process revealing skin that is more youthful and supple. By combining natural plant oils that quickly travels to moisturize the surface of the skin, it reduces fine lines and skin dullness whilst provides a natural protection against dehydration –  A perfect solution to signs of aging, regaining your glowing brilliance.

ultimate_youth_power_neck_emulsion_2Ultimate Youth Power Neck Emulsion

Feels like a thick lotion. Has a fresh scent and gives a gentle cooling feel while adding much needed moisture to your neck area. So many people neglect their necks. Ya gotta take care of the neck too y’all. Don’t want to have a youthful face and a great grandma neck. Keep it healthy y’all.


        Utilizing ginseng callus extract, SH-DP-9 TM and adenosine which are highly anti-oxidating along with anti-aging essence and hyaluronic acid creates this ultimate skin repairing formula. It promotes collagen and elastin regeneration, assist in skin cell rejuvenation, and effectively reduces deep set lines around the delicate neck area, while moisturizing the skin’s surface. By using gentle massage motions to enhance firming, leaving skin looking naturally lustrous.

Ultimate Youth Power Eye Creamultimate_youth_power_eye_cream_1_2

Thick cream goes around your eyes to help add moisture and deplete the fine lines around em. Gives your eyes an illuminated appearance.


        An ultimate concentrated antioxidant essence that combines with fresh moisturizing ingredients instantly provides active nutrients to the delicate skin around the eyes, stimulating skin cell regeneration and increasing cell density.
With the combination of SH-DP-9 TM and adenosine, the formula reduces fine lines and diminishes dark spots whilst the combined effect of multi-peptides enhances skin suppleness and provides a youthful radiance with a protective film around the delicate eye area, tightening loose skin for enhanced, charming eyes.

ultimate_youth_power_lotion_2Ultimate Youth Power Lotion

All of the products in this series seem to have a similar scent, Nothing overpowering but quite pleasant. Glides on easily leaving a soft smooth feel to the skin.


        The innovative combination of ginseng callus extract, SH-DP-9 TM and adenosine gives birth to this powerful anti-oxidant formula that reduces fine lines. Hyaluronic acid elements moisturizes skin cells to bring moisture replenishment and retention directly to the deepest layers of the skin revealing more supple smoother skin. The anti-oxidating layer creates a refreshing solution to restore your youthful appearance.

Ultimate Youth Power Serumultimate_youth_power_serum_3

Super slippery. Spreads across face nicely. Applied over Ultimate Youth Power Lotion this serum gives another moisture rich layer of healthy anti aging skincare.


        Using cutting-edge fusion of ginseng callus extract, SH-DP-9 TM , adenosine and acetyl hexapeptide-8 forms this high concentration anti- aging formula to reduces fine lines, brightens skin dullness, activates collagen regeneration and revitalizes skin cells. The high concentration level of ginseng callus extract boosts blood circulation which in turn effectively removes yellow- ish and dull skin tones as well as dark spots. The replenishment of the moisturizing ingredients efficiently moistens skin from the deepest layers, building skin back to its healthy lustre.

ultimate_youth_power_eye_serum_1_2Ultimate Youth Power Eye Serum

This serum is crystal clear and also quite slippery. Ya really don’t need much to cover the delicate area around both of your eyes. Gives a lovely cooling feel to the skin as it quenches the skin.


        Using advanced revitalizing technology, high concentration of ginseng callus extracts and SH-DP-9 TM rapidly penetrates the delicate skin around the eyes, awakening the tired aged skin and promoting blood circulation to prevent accumulation of pigmentation and improves dark circles. Combined with natural plant oils that moisturizes deep into the skin cells, the eye serum effectively reduces fine lines, firms and enhances eye contours to instantly reveal a more youthful brilliance.

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