City Creek Candles

404_383450855109716_2053674569_n I am a fragrance junkie. I love potpourri, incense and candles. I adore good quality candles. You know the kind you can smell around the room. I hate it when ya buy a candle cuz it smells good, then you get it home and light it and the scent is so faint you can barely tell what it is. With City Creek Candles this is never a problem.

IMG106MARHeritage Collection

Check out the new Heritage Collection available at City Creek Candles. So beautiful and so incredibly fragrant. You can smell these clear across the room. The Heritage Collection is quite stylish. These beauties will look great in almost any décor. What is even more incredible is after hours and hours of enjoying your City Creek Candles the candle holders can be repurposed. Imagine how many uses you can find. I know I will reuse em, they are gorgeous.

IMG63MARThe Heritage Collection distinguishes itself as true home décor pieces that make the home look and

smell beautiful. The Heritage Collection features three beautiful ceramic shapes available in four
sophisticated fragrances. Each candle in the Heritage Collection is poured with white wax, making
each piece versatile in any home décor. Additionally, after the wax has been fully consumed, the
Heritage Collection ceramic piece can be repurposed in the home in a multitude of ways making this
candle truly unique.

Classic CollectionIMG105MAR

You get that same great quality you expect from City Creek Candles in a classy clear holder. Goes beautifully in any décor. City Creek Candles smell wonderful. I really love em. These are long lasting. Even the smaller one burns for 40 hours. That to me is impressive.

The Classic Collection’s elegant glass shapes feature 36 fragrances in a variety of colors and three glass sizes of 22oz, 16oz and 10oz. The Classic Collection candles’ attractive shapes were each designed to pair with one of our warmers.

There are lots and lots of scents to choose from…

Fragrance Styles Available From City Creek Include:

(Many Scents in each category)

Citrus and Fruit

Floral and Fresh

Gourmand and Spice

Green and Herbal

Sea and Sand



Which one is my favorite you ask? I like Pineapple Cilantro. Yes I know it sounds odd, but the smell is absolutely amazing. Sultry, clean, fresh and exotic all in one. I am telling you it’s good to try unfamiliar scents. You just might find your new favorite smell.

DSC01188Fragrance Warmers and Candle Melts

Fragrance Warmers and Candle Melts are another fun way to add aroma to your home. I received the warmer pictured and one that plugs straight into the wall. Available in 36 different scents. So you are sure to find one you love.

Also available from City Creek Candle’s sister company Candle Warmers ETC… 947121_383461465108655_1354308794_nSeveral styles of candle warmers so you never even have to light your City Creek Candle to enjoy that amazing fragrance throughout your home.

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Ready to buy? Head on over to City Creek Candles and get ya some of these wonderfully fragranced candles and melts.

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