Reviews of Products I love

966405_534467103276075_17605577_oWhether you are looking for an anti-aging cream or an entire new beauty regimen Racinne has products for you. They sent me some samples to try. Let’s check em out

Ultimate Defense Illuminating Creamultimate_hydra_ultimate_defense_illuminating_cream 1

Has the fragrance of fine wine. I get a feeling of intense moisture with use.


        Combining grape callus with seaweed extract, this antioxidant cream transports moisture directly to the deepest layers of the skin to instantly rejuvenate the damaged cells to form a protective barrier and lock moisture in. With strong antioxidant properties, the moisturizing cream also activates the skin’s natural regeneration of collagen, reduces fine lines and dark spots – Skin feels suppler with a radiant glow.

ultimate_hydra_advanced_luminous_gel2Advanced Luminous Gel

Protecting you skin from the harsh impurities present in our everyday environment is easy with this creamy gel. Has just the slightest scent of peaches. Almost not even there. Easy to apply and leaves skin feeling intensely hydrated.


        Organic peach and grape callus extracts with refreshing hydrating components creates a powerful activating gel that rejuvenates and instantly regenerates radiant youthful skin. Natural peach extracts give the skin more vitality and provides a natural barrier that protects the skin from environmental impurities leaving it feeling light, refreshed and glowing luminously.

Essentialift Supplement Serumultimate_hydra_essentialift_supplement_serum3

A little goes a long way. Glides on smoothly. My skin looks fresh and healthy after use. No major fragrance to this one but combination of Racinne products small amazing combined on my skin.


        Contains grape callus extract combined with gingko leaves and other natural ingredients to create strong antioxidants that nourishes your skin. This powerful serum can penetrate to the deepest core of skin cells, attacks dark spots and promotes natural regeneration of collagen; supplying the skin with endless vitality. Skin instantly feels smoother, firmer, glowing radiantly.

ultimate_hydra_optimal_fortifying_emulsion4Optimal Fortifying Emulsion

Seems almost unscented. This clear gel is very slippery so it smooths on easily. Love that it helps my skin renew it’s youthful feel.


        An impeccable hydrating formula of grape callus extract, rare deep sea plant extracts and multivitamins to product a light hydrating formula, balancing the moisture in the underlying cells to help renew skin. Endless replenishment awakens and energizes the tired cells, helping skin to regenerate and allows for a suppler more youthful and radiant complexion.

ultimate_hydra_contour_brightening_eye_care6Contour Brightening Eye Care

Just a drop for each eye will get the job done. Brightens around the eye area. Can really feel the moisture soaking into my skin.


        Contains the natural antioxidant and renewal properties of lemon grass and grape callus extract, this delicate yet perfectly balanced eye care enhances eye contour by reducing eyelid puffiness, dark circles and improving blood circulation. Gently apply a small amount around your eyes and feel it instantly repair and hydrate the sensitive skin area, allowing for a firmer radiant and visibly brighten look.

Gentle Cleansing Foamultimate_hydra_gentle_cleasing_foam7

I love the way this cleanser smells. My face feels extremely clean and refreshed after use. I could get used to this.


        Refreshing cleansing foam penetrates deep into the pores to gently liberate skin from impurities without disturbing your skin’s natural balance. Leaves skin beautifully clean, balanced, and revitalized.

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Ready to buy?  Head on over to Racinne and get ya some of these great beauty products.I was sent sample packs for review.


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