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sidebar_moonrabbit I know many people that have an intolerance to gluten. Gluten is all around us and having a diet that is totally gluten-free can be hard. Finding foods that fit into this lifestyle that actually taste great and are not overly heavy can be difficult to say the least. Moon Rabbit Foods has a great line of products that solve this dilemma. I was sent several packages of Moon Rabbit Foods Certified Gluten-Free Pastry and Baking Mixes for review. Wow am I impressed. Let’s check em out.

Moon Rabbit Pancake & Waffle Mixglutenfreepancakewafflemix

Pancakes are a great way to start the day. Moon Rabbit Foods Pancake and Waffle Mix makes mornings brighter. All Natural, Wheat Free, Soy Free and Non Dairy this mix fits alot of restrictive diets without restricting flavor and quality.

The beauty of Premium Cassava Flour shows through in these pancakes and waffles.  With a slightly nutty flavor and light texture they are meant to be enjoyed with sweet cream butter and pure Maple Syrup.  Try the waffles for brunch with sautéed bananas, toasted macadamia nuts and mascarpone cheese.  Seriously, who needs gluten?- bag yield 24 pancakes (8 per recipe)

glutenfreeoatmealcookiemixOld Fashioned Oatmeal Cookie Mix

Hubby’s favorite. He loves a good oatmeal cookie and these fit the bill. I love the additions that Moon Rabbit Foods recommends. Give em a try y’all.

Our favorite way to enjoy these cookies is to add pecans, dried  cranberries and sunflower seeds.  But we know that whatever your choice of flavors they will soon become your favorite cookie.  Made with Certified Gluten Free Oats.

Moon Rabbit Muffin Mix glutenfreemuffinmix

Who doesn’t love a good muffin? I can easily see muffins being one of the foods I would miss if I couldn’t eat gluten anymore. Moon Rabbit has done it again. This delicious muffin base gives you the perfect way to get creative for breakfast. Moist and yummy.

A great way to start your day.  Don’t be shy- add fresh fruits, nuts, spices, chocolate, seeds and top them with streusel.  Light, tender and moist just as they should be.  No time for another, you’ll be late for work!!- bag yields 16 muffins

glutenfreebrowniemixMoon Rabbit Brownie Mix

Seriously some of the best brownies I have ever had, with or without gluten. We turned these into mini cupcakes since we were having friends over. Everyone loved em. Enough chocolate and not overly sweet. Moist and delicious. Not heavy at all. Our friends were surprised to find out they are gluten free.

We use the same rich 24% Cocoa in our Brownie that makes our Chocolate Cake so wonderful.  Make them fudgy or cake like, it’s your choice.  Add nuts , chocolate chips or Gluten Free butterscotch chips to make that smile even bigger.   Yummy deliciousness at its best. – yield one 9″ x 13″ pan

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Ready to buy?  Head on over to Moon Rabbit Foods and get ya some of these amazing tasting gluten free products.


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