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6274mBallet Beautiful Body Blast

 Beautiful soft music plays as you follow along with instructor Mary Helen Bowers. A professional ballerina for many years Mary opened her own studio and developed the Ballet Beautiful workout method. With Ballet Beautiful’s Body Blast you get four 15 minute workouts that in time can transform you body into the tight toned masterpiece it was born to be. Eating right is really important if you want to stay looking and feeling your best. Knowing the proper exercises and how to do them correctly to get the results you want is a whole other matter. The workout itself makes me think of graceful Pilates. Nothing to hard but the moves really target all the right areas. I love that you don’t need any special equipment to do this video.  Mary has trained many well known performers such as Liv Tyler, Natalie Portman and  Zooey Deschanel. It actually took about a year of training to transform Natalie Portman into the look she needed for “Black Swan” Yes she used Mary Helen Bowers and Ballet Beautiful. So ya know it works.
Backcover description

Get long, lean lines with zero bulk! Get a fit, firm and graceful body with this ballet-inspired workout from Mary Helen Bowers, trainer to the stars! Sculpt a lean, long dancer’s body with four 15-minute targeted workouts! Mix and match these workouts to tone your arms, abs and butt! Perfect for anyone pressed for time and looking for a quick and challenging workout with great results! Strengthen and stretch muscles simultaneously to elongate and tone the entire body! Includes Ballet Beautiful Swan Arms, a 15-minute Ballet Beautiful Body Blast and Butt Series Parts 1 & 2.SWAN ARMS:  A graceful workout that tones and sculpts lean, feminine arms while building upper-body strength and posture.

15-MINUTE BODY BLAST: A full-body workout that lengthens and tones muscles in the legs, butt, abs and upper body.

BUTT SERIES, PART 1: A targeted workout that tighten and tones the back of the legs and butt.

BUTT SERIES, PART 2: A focused workout for the outside of the hip, thigh and butt, and for tightening, toning, and lengthening the line of the leg.

Ballet Beautiful Body Blast


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