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6396mTake 20: Three 20-Minute Workouts with Aimee

Day One:
 This DVD comes in three 20 minute workouts. The first of which is Take 20 Cardio Kickbox. I have to admit I felt a bit intimidated by the idea of kickboxing. Ya know what y’all, I did it all the way through first try. The instructor Aimee has her team showing many different levels of the exercises so people of many levels can join in. After the workout session I felt great. Got a little sweaty so now it’s time for a shower y’all. Tomorrow I will try out the Strength and Recharge segments.
Day Two:
  As I am doing the Take 20! Strength Training I notice the incredible muscle tone in Aimee’s legs. I’m thinking this is what I want too. Have you ever wanted to have a body that looked more like someone you have seen? Now I’m am not talking about those women in the magazines. Most of them are either photo shopped or need to eat something in my opinion. I am talking about ordinary folks around you. I have found that if you do most of the same exercises these people do your body will look similar to theirs. Ever noticed how most people in specific sports have similar bodies. swimmers, bicyclers, softball players, volleyball players etc? With this in mind I am looking forward to getting muscle tone in my legs similar to Aimee’s with Take 20 and the six simple exercise shown in the video.
Day Three:
 Take 20 Recharge is a wonderful way to melt away stress while giving your body a great stretch. Honestly this would be a great way to start everyday or to unwind before bed.
Backcover description
Take 20! Is about fitting it in! Choose from 3 different training sessions to meet your needs. Do one at a time, or do them all together! You choose!

TAKE 20! CARDIO KICKBOX guides you through easy-to-follow boxing and martial arts inspired movements to give you a challenging, but doable, cardiovascular workout. Options are provided to help you stay safe, while still finding an effective, but fun training intensity.

TAKE 20! STRENGTH CIRCUIT brings you through three rounds of a strength training circuit. Each round consists of six exercises performed for one minute each. Learn the exercise during the first round, practice it throughout the second round and Rock it out in the third round! Build a strong, lean and tight body.

TAKE 20! RECHARGE focuses on using the breath to facilitate relaxation, while improving flexibility throughout the entire body. Increase range of motion, promote mobility and increase blood circulation, as you recharge your mind and body.

Aimee Nicotera has been involved in the health and fitness industry for 20 years, as a group exercise leader, personal trainer and health educator. Aimee holds a BS degree in nutrition Science and an MS degree in Health Education, as well as multiple fitness certifications, including those through ACE, AFAA, ACSM and Schwinn. Aimee brings enthusiasm and creativity to her group exercise classes and encourages her participants to get fit and have fun doing it!


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