Zaggora Hot Pants

3565_462968137115552_1377491358_n  Zaggora is the brainchild of Desi Bell, a woman who wanted so desperately to look great in her wedding dress that she invented the Zaggora line of fitness apparel that actually helps you lose weight faster. Zaggora launched in 2011 and is steadily zooming to the top. Patent-pending Celu-Lite Fabric technology is used to harness the body’s natural heat thus increasing your core temperature while exercising.. This in turn helps ya burn more calories while you are exercising or doing work around the house. How cool is that.  I like that extra burn just for wearing Zaggora. Now it is important to stay hydrated while utilizing the benefits of Zaggora because it does make ya sweat. You don’t get to hot, the clothes just help pump up your metabolism levels through a rise in core temperatures. Zaggora has been extensively tested in the UK and US for safety. These tests showed that Zaggora worn during physical fitness can actually raise your metabolic rate by up to 18%. Remember y’all ya don’t have to go to the gym to get exercise. House work can get ya moving plenty. Wearing Zaggora Hot Pants while doing house work can help ya lose weight faster.

I was sent a pair of Hot Pants for review. I wore them and I can tell ya they do make ya sweat. They are very comfortable so it’s easy to do whatever you have to in em. Not tight and you can stretch and bend any way you need to. I actually lost 6 pounds the first week I wore them. Yeah. They look great on too. Love that they are “Easy Care ” machine washable on cold. What more can you ask of clothes? Style, Comfort and they help you loose weight. Now that’s a great pair of pants.

Product Description:foldoverhotpants1

Fold Over HotPants bring our iconic leggings to a whole new level. Zaggora’s signature fabric technology still gets you hot, and a new, super-comfortable adjustable waistband supports and covers!

Our patent pending fabric helps your body burn more calories by helping you generate more body heat.

main-hiwKey Targeting

Your hips, bum, thighs, knees and calves.

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Ready to buy?  Head on over to Zaggora and get ya some of this great calorie burning fitness wear. I was sent a pair of Zaggora Hot Pants for review.

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