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Juil Awaken Your Soles

juil-sandals I grew up running around everywhere barefoot. I love the way I felt free from stress , worry and how wonderful the grass felt between my toes.  I never realized how healthy it actually was. Our bodies are exposed to toxins everyday either from foods or the environment. These toxins find a way to attach them selves to ya. How do ya get rid of em? That’s where the barefoot connection comes in. The earth is full of electrons that help rid our bodies of these toxins. When our bodies connect with the earth it’s electrons help free us of radicals that can have many harmful affects on our bodies. In today’s society ya just can’t walk around barefoot all the time so Juil has a solution. They have created an amazing line of stylish and comfortable shoes that help your body reconnect with the earth. There is some serious science behind all this. Check out this info to learn more:

Why do I need to get connected to the earth?inside-our-technology

Free radicals” occur in our bodies when we are exposed to toxins, pesticides, and generally anything that is toxic to our tissue (now-a-days, its more things than not). Over time, free radicals build up in our bodies. In order for them to become stable, the radicals must find an electron to “connect” themselves to. Where are these electrons then? Beyond the sources found in certain foods, vitamins, etc, we have an abundant source of electrons right beneath us in the earth. If we fail to connect ourselves with these sources, radicals attack our healthy tissue to rob the cells of their electrons. The result? A high potential for infection and inflammation, among other ailments.

· Dr. Carol Davis (Professor Emerita – University of Miami Miller School of Medicine)

How will connecting to the earth help me?

Over time, factors such as stress, man-made electromagnetic fields, toxins, infections and poor diets can contribute to chronic inflammation, which is known to contribute to many types of chronic disease. Inflammation and the free radicals it creates can be partially quenched by fruits, vegetables and other nutrients in a healthy diet. But what else can we do to help outselves? Well, it turns out that our earth’s surface carries a natural, bountiful source of electrons that our bodies also need. These electrons have a balancing effect on our nervous systems and quench free radicals as well. Essentially, when we connect directly with the earth’s surface, electrons rising from its soil or sand will enter our bodies and turn the “negatives” we build up day-to-day into “positives.”

· Dr. Daniel Chong (Naturopathic Doctor)

How does Juil help me make this connection?

Traditional footwear, made with rubber or plastic outsoles may serve a comfort need for us, but it certainly doesn’t help us connect with the earth. On the contrary, it blocks the necessary flow of electrons into our body and prevents us from heeding the earth’s natural resource. By placing Energy Flow Technology™ (compound copper conductors) directly through the footbed and outsole of the sandals, Juil offers a direct conduit between our bodies and the earth’s surface. You are able to go about your day, in comfort, while heeding the earth’s reviving electrons necessary to sustain healthy, stable lives.

Juil sent Hubby over a palg_apollo_brown_frontir of shoes from their men’s line for us to check out. He choose the Apollo style (pictured at left) First off let me tell you not only are these great looking leather sandals they are very well made. Sturdy ergonomically designed soles and arch support mean Hubby is going to be able to enjoy wearing his Juil sandals for awhile. Remember when I told ya Juil  has a way of helping the body rid itself of those nasty toxins? They use Energy Flow Technology. There are copper energy flow conductors are located at the toes and heal. It is important that your foot fits the shoe so that these line up with your toes and heal. Make sure ya follow Juil’s sizing chart to get the proper alignment. We used the size guide and got the perfect fit first try. Hubby loves his Appolo style sandals from Juil. He is super picky about style so to me this means a lot. Looking for a great gift for Dad? Look no further. Did I mention Juil has women’s styles too? Y’all are going to love getting grounded with Juil

Summary of Features & Benefits

  • Energy Flow Technology™ uses the earth to restore the balance in our bodies
  • Subtle arch support in step with the barefoot movement
  • Exclusive design allows your feet to move naturally while maintaining a snug fit
  • Ergonomically-designed footbed and uppers soften to fit the contours of your foot and allow for extended wear


  • Style to compliment any attire – from formal to casual to everything in between
  • Specifically designed cushioning for unmatched comfort and durability
  • Wear-resistant, non-slip polyurethane and rubber outsoles

Juil’s Sandal Arch – By allowing for a natural movement, Juil footwear strengthens your foot and allows it to adjust naturally.

  • Wearing Juils allows you to create your own, personal support level. We want your foot to get natural support from the shoe. Juil footwear forms to provide your longitudinal arch, metatarsal arch, natural heel cradle and toe bar just for your foot – not the shoe forcing the foot to match its manmade support and position.

Juil offers flats, based on our original model with an emphasis on a barefoot movement and being as close to the ground as possible. Juil also now offers clogs and sandals with a cork outsole, offering greater comfort and support for those that need it.

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Ready to buy?  Head on over to Juil and get ya some of this stylish footwear. With so many styles to choose from ya can’t go wrong.


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