‘Norman Rockwell’s Shuffleton​’s Barbershop​’ on Hallmark Movie Channel

vcsPRAsset_514317_128160_4c963785-10c7-4819-ae8b-4a4ec8dd735f_0‘NORMAN ROCKWELL’S SHUFFLETON’S BARBERSHOP’

Hallmark Movie Channel Original World Premiere

Saturday, June 1 (9p.m. ET/PT, 8C)

Starring: Danny Glover, Austin Stowell, Kayla Ewell NormanRockwellsShuffletonsBarbershop_006U_4333U.jpg

A young man, Trey Cole, returns home to visit and find out that his “Uncle” has passed away. “Uncle” Charlie Shuffleton’s Barber Shop is where Trey grew up learning from “Uncle” Charlie the ways of life. Watch as Trey relives memories of his life and comes home to find himself, reconnect with his father and grow into the man “Uncle” Charlie taught him to be.

Acclaimed artist Norman Rockwell is a celebrated 20th century prolific painter and illustrator who is renowned for his idyllic small-town American scenes that were featured on the cover of The Saturday Evening Post, including his 1950’s painting, Shuffleton’s Barbershop. When Rockwell’s painting fades into the world of Charlie Shuffleton’s (Glover) barbershop, the classic piece of Americana becomes the center of a small town in North Carolina where friends gather.  Peering in the window, famous country singer Trey Cole (Stowell) is finally returning home after abandoning the town many years ago and never looking back, even when his brother died serving in the military, leaving sister-in-law, Norma (Ewell), to care for her son by herself.  Now, realizing he’s lost himself along the way, Trey remembers his first haircut in the brown leather chair as a young boy at age ten in Charlie’s shop and hopes to find guidance from the man who was a father to him when his own dad was coldly absent during his childhood.

I received a screeners copy of the movie for review

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