Gourmet Biscotti from Anna-Marie’s Bakery

c897c1ca08f650bf9f6e67525155890bI have found another great reason to be proud of my home state. Apparently we have some amazing Gourmet Biscotti baked right here in Texas. Anna-Marie’s Bakery makes an assortment of super tasty biscotti in sweet versions as well as savory. Yes you heard right. I was sent a bag of their top seller Pistachio Cranberry so let’s check it out.

Pistachio Cranberry

The bag itself is pretty good sized. Packed full of large slices of perfectly toasted biscotti. The pistachios give it a nutty flavor while the cranberries add a delightful sweetness. Not too crunchy like some biscotti I have eaten before. If ya don’t know what biscotti is here is a definition: Biscotti, an Italian “twice-baked” traditional delicacy, are naturally low in sugar and fat and great for a light snack or dessert, delicious with tea, coffee, or wine, and make a unique and memorable gift. I have to say that Anna-Marie’s has a big thumbs up from me. Would make a great gift. Comes in lots of flavors so you are sure to find one you love.

Everyday Sweet Flavors!

  • Snickerdoodle (in honor of a childhood favorite cookie)
  • Almond (an old favorite with a rich nutty flavor)
  • Anise (a traditional Italian treat)
  • Cinnamon (never gets old)
  • Cinnamon Pecan (our signature flavor!)
  • Double Chocolate (made with 4 chocolates)cbd3e1380a6640a91f1327ff74a3f8ec
  • Pistachio Cranberry (top seller-an amazingly delicious blend)
  • Vanilla (using real vanilla)
  • White Chocolate Cherry (a new favorite)
  • Cranberry Pecan 
  • Lemon
  • Lemon Blueberry 

New Savory Varieties (A bit smaller-perfect for soups or salads)

  • Italian Herb
  • French Herb
  • Lemon Pepper (a fresh balance of flavors)
  • Smokey Pecan (a bright, bold, nutty combination)

Ready to buy?  Head on over to Anna-Marie’s Bakery online and get ya some of this delicious Gourmet Biscotti.

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