Simply Straws Reusable Glass Straws

320701_181712815237123_1162400560_nSimply Straws

Lovin Simply Straws. They are handmade from glass made from quartz sand and boron dioxide. Safe for all drinkable liquids including alcohol based or acidic drinks. They come in lots of colors too y’all…amythyst, clear, amber, pink, vibrant blue, lake green and more. Microwave and dishwasher safe. The straws are dentist and hygienist recommended in case y’all were wondering. These little jewels are the perfect way to help the environment by not putting all those plastic straws in your local landfill. There is enough stuff in their already. 477063_267372693337801_1478385711_o

 Where Function means Fashion
We offer the richest non-toxic colors for your glass straw.  Each color provides it’s own unique experience.  We are proud to dedicate one of our vibrant colors to represent an individual organization, working towards reducing plastics and toxins on your earth and in your body.
Straws are made from Borosilicate glass, which is the strongest commercially available glass  BPA FREE NON TOXIC colors Non-porous and hypo-allergenic Superior durability Helps minimize Teeth Sensitivity and Erosion Reduces Teeth Staining Available in 9mm & 12mm only Both microwave and dishwasher safe Main ingredients: Quartz Sand (silica) and boron oxide Handmade in the California

58731_373478306060572_1537840477_nSimply A-Mason Mug Bent Combo

Get this, for all of y’all that desire a bent straw, Simply Straws has you covered too. You can purchase with or without a handy screw top Mason jar combo that reminds me so much of my younger years. There is nothing like a Coke Float served in a chilled Mason Jar. Sending Hubby to the store. Needing to get my float on. Seriously give Simply Straws a try. An easy way to do your part to save the Earth.

The screw top mason jar appeared on the scene in 1858, here at Simply Straws we still think it is A-Mason today!
Our Combo includes: 1-16oz. Mason Jar with Handle 1-Lid with Straw hole 1-Classic 8″ Bent Color Straw
Good for everyday use, replace that old plastic to go mug with a Simply A-Mason Combo. Use these straws when you want easy accessibility to your beverage without tipping your glass.
Choose the perfect Color Classic 8″ Straw you would like to complete your combo!
BPA FREE NON TOXIC colors Non-porous and hypo-allergenic Dishwasher safe
We offer custom etching on one side, please specify in text box exact wording.

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I received the above products for free so I could try them out for this review. I was in no way asked to give a positive review. This is my honest oppinion of the products described.

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