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Final Photo AssetsTom Dick and Harriet

 Getting older can be hard especially when people think your age affects your ability to do your job. After a cooperate merger Tom Burns  (Steven Weber – “Wings”) is let go from his advertising job because the new boss thinks he is to old even though Tom’s work still produces award-winning work. Tom’s daughter college bound daughter, Kelly, suddenly comes back into the picture needing tuition money. Tom finds 25-year-old con artist Dick Sweeney (Andrew Francis) and uses him as the front man in an entertaining charade to stay on the payroll. Things get interesting when Harriet Fellows (Michelle Harrison – Emily Owens, M.D.) comes into the picture. A great movie all the way through.
“Tom Dick and Harriet” premiers Saturday March 16th at 9PM Eastern time on Hallmark ChannelFinal Photo Assets
Copywriter Tom Burns enlists the help of con-man Dick Sweeney after he loses his job at Rage advertising agency, for being over 40 and not youthful enough. With Tom on the outside as the secret brain behind the Ad campaigns and Dick on the inside as the youthful face who presents them to Rage, the pair seems unstoppable!
Final Photo AssetsI received a screeners copy of the movie for review

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