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med momMeddling Mom

Hallmark Movie Channel Original

World Premiere Saturday, February 23 (8 p.m. ET/PT, 7C)

Sneak preview time for me again. Yippee. I love getting to see movies before the rest of the world. Hallmark always comes out with so many great original films. What’s really cool about em is they are safe for the entire family to watch. “Meddling Mom” is another wonderful addition to the Hallmark Movie Collection. I throughly enjoyed the flick. Love watching how families try to help each other out even when it sometimes feels like they are butting in. Y’all wanna watch “Meddling Mom” Go ahead get your laugh on.Final Photo Assets

Mothers are surely the most loving beings on earth, but there are times that they love a little bit too much, such as when they think they can run your life better than you. The three-time Golden Globe® and Emmy®-nominated actress Sonia Braga (“Angel Eyes”) and Tony Plana (“Ugly Betty,” “Desperate Housewives”) lead an all-star cast in “Meddling Mom,” a Hallmark Movie Channel Original World Premiere Saturday, February 23 (8 p.m. ET/PT, 7C). Braga portrays widow and meddling mom, Carmen Vega, and her two best pals, Marisol (Rose Abdoo) and Valeria (Saundra Santiago), do everything in their power to interfere in the lives of Carmen’s grown daughters Yolanda (Ana Ayora) and Ally (Mercedes Renard). It isn’t that Carmen is evil, she simply can’t help herself: she leaves out baby books as a subtle hint for newly-wedded daughter Yolanda, she interferes in Ally’s date with Marisol’s son Pablo (Rafael Amaya); it seems that there is no stopping this woman, but then again, Final Photo Assetsmaybe there is after all. Yolanda and Ally had just about had it with their mother’s controlling, scheming ways and figure it’s past time to get her a life of her own and allow them to live theirs. They set her up on a date with the dashing ballroom dance teacher Luis (Plana), who already carries a torch for Carmen, but even with a budding relationship, Carmen can’t stop interfering with the lives of those around her; that even includes getting in hot water with Ally’s new boyfriend Ben (Rob Mayes) and his boss. There just has to be a way to teach her a lesson, after all, behind every meddling mom is an honorable mom struggling to get out.

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