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Key Art‘GOODNIGHT FOR JUSTICE: QUEEN OF HEARTS’ Hallmark Movie Channel Original World Premiere Saturday, January 26 (8p.m. ET/PT, 7C) Starring: Luke Perry, Ricky Schroder, Katharine Isabelle

I was sent a screening copy of this great film. A Western in true Hallmark style. Love the storyline, Love the acting, adore the wardrobes. Very good movie. Keeps your attention all the way through. Has some subtle adult influences and several gunfights so letting the kids watch is at your discretion. Hubby and I really enjoyed it. I look forward to seeing part one “Goodnight For Justice: Measure of a Man” as well.

 The sequel rejoins circuit Judge John Goodnight (Luke Perry, “Goodnight for Justice: Measure of a Man”) as he travels the Western territory in the 1880s, attempting to leave a trail of justice in his wake.  Between dealing with difficult defendants and dealing cards at saloons, John crosses paths with a stagecoach under attack.  Drawing his gun, he comes to the rescue of the only surviving passenger, a beautiful woman named Lucy Truffaut (Katharine Isabelle, “Endgame”), who John doesn’t realize is actually a convicted con artist on the run.  Little does she know, John is an honest judge, and as they start to fall for each other on their wild journey, the secrets between them are slowly revealed.  Running from Cyril Knox (Ricky Schroder, “NYPD Blue”), the wealthy aristocrat who wants her jailed, Lucy must convince John to help her flee—right onto a gambling riverboat.  Can Lucy con John into helping her get away with her crimes, or will the fair judge find out her true identity and turn her in himself?

 An honorable circuit judge in the western territory rescues a beautiful woman from a stagecoach gunfight, never realizing she is actually an outlaw on the run.  As a romance develops between them, he helps her escape the corrupt men who are after her until finding out she might not be as innocent as she seems.

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