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The Book Of Garnishes

9780895864802H Food is tasted first by the eyes. I really belive this. A visually appealing plate is how you can impress your family and others easily with your cooking. Many people are scared of adding such things as garnishes to there food because they think it’s to hard. I am here to tell you you are wrong. The art of garnish is as easy as knowing a few kitchen tricks. All you need is a really good instructive book.I received a copy of The book of Garnishes for review. Lets check it out.

The Book of Garnishes

Don’t be intimidated by the gorgeous pics on the cover. These techniques are actually quite simple to do. The Book of Granishes is the quintesential garnish book. Absolutly the best guide to the art of garnish I have ever seen.Shows tons of different ways to add artistic touches to your dish. Chef quality garnish skills can be accomplished easily. A sharp knife and this book make you look like a pro. Step by Step pictoral instructions. WOW is all I can say. Fabulous ways to do fruits, veggies, reads, meats pastas etc… are included in this book. So simple yet such extraordinary results. WOW

Techniques for preparing each garnish are shown in step-by-step photos and it describes utensils and cutters to make each creation turn out right. Full-color illustrations.
Ready to buy?  Head on over to and get ya a copy or two

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