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Good Health Natural Snacks

If you love to snack like I do you are going to be glad you stopped by. I have found a wonderful company that sells amazing snacks that are all natural and good for ya too. Get this y’all they are affordable. That’s a nice change of pace. I get tired of having to overpay just to find a healthy snack with Good Health Natural Foods ya don’t have to. Let’s check em out.

Glories Sweet Potato Chips in:

Original with Sea Salt

Serious sweet potato flavor with a touch of sea salt. Crunchy, yummy, perfect. Great healthier snack option.

Maple Chipotle

What a combo. Sweet, salty with a little kick. Wonderful Kettle Style Chip

Welcome to the taste that was born and bred in the South. Our southern-grown sweet potatoes are harvested, sliced, lightly seasoned and kettle cooked for a chip that’s naturally nutritious and 100% mouth-watering, down-home delicious. With no trans fats and low sodium these GMO free and gluten free crunchy chips are sure to become one of your favorites!

You may not know that in addition to a full array of traditional nutrients, sweet potatoes also have high levels of root storage proteins with antioxidants that provide unique health benefits. The sweet potato has also been classified as an “anti-diabetic” food with studies that linked sweet potato consumption to stabilized blood sugar levels and lower insulin resistance. Maybe the sweet potato should be named “The Super Potato!”

So whether you’re a Connecticut Yankee or Southern Belle, you’re about to experience glorious snacking that puts the accent on great taste and Good Health.

Harmonies Multi-Grain Chips in:

Maple Cinnamon

Smell like pancakes with rich maple syrup. Flavor is sweet texture is light and crispy. If ya want to get your sweet on this chip is for you.

Chili Queso

This multi-grain chip smells like salsa. Tastes like it’s name says. Reminds me of amuch tastier version of a national brand, whose name I will not mention. Harmonies are much better for ya. Very light. Pretty darn good.

What if great tasting chips and good health could really get in tune? Start singing…you’re about to crunch into a savory, satisfying medley of hearty and tasty grains, in perfect harmony with healthful living. Harmonies blend all the delicious natural flavor of wheat, corn, oats, and rice into a delicately sea-salty, crispy-crunchy chip with a lot less fat than its grocery-shelf neighbors. And with zero artificial ingredients. This is what Good Health Natural Foods is all about: the healthiest snacks possible with plenty of flavor, crunch, and zest! The result is a tastefully balanced blend of nature’s best ingredients that goes great with soups and sandwiches, or just by themselves. Serve Harmonies proudly. You can feel good about sharing them with your friends and family. Savor the knowledge that your taste buds and your body are crunching in gloriously good-for-you harmony.

Veggie Stix Original and Veggie Chips Garden Salsa

I’ve been munching on Veggie Stix for years and think they are great. Fun stick shape that are “Kid Kritics Approved”

The Garden Salsa
flavor smells spicy though there really isn’t much of a hot bite when ya crunch into one. Celery and bell pepper are highlighted in the flavor. Really good.

Our Veggie Stix® and Chips are made with all natural ingredients; potatoes, tomatoes and spinach, pure sea salt and non-hydrogenated oils. That means 0 grams of trans fat and the chips have 30% less overall fat than regular chips for you and your family and the Veggie Stix® and Hot Veggie Stix® , 55% less fat than regular potato chips! Try our healthier snack alternative with a sandwich or straight from the bag.

Olive Oil Potato Chips available in several flavors:

Cracked Pepper and Sea Salt

These are in one of those bags that are really hard to get into. Once ya do you will be so glad you did. Crunchy and delicious with generous cracked pepper flavor. Not to much sea salt.

Garden Tomato and Basil

Taste like pizza on a perfectly made kettle chip

Sea Salt and Vinegar

Wonderful flavor. Great blend of salty vinegary goodness.


I was quite intrigued with this flavor. Kinda questioning it in fact, but it is really really delicious.The folks at Good Health Natural Snacks don’t skimp on flavor.

For centuries, olive oil has been one of the mainstays of the Mediterranean diet. Today, olive oil evokes images of the old country with its simpler and slightly slower lifestyle – what we like to think of as “the good life.” We have tried to capture a part of this lifestyle by using 100% olive oil to kettle cook our chips. The result of our efforts are chips with a hearty crunch and all natural taste. Kettle cooking in 100% olive oil also makes these chips a delicious source of mono and polyunsaturated fats. (These chips are quickly becoming our favorite!)

Humbles Sesame Garlic

Who knew one could even make hummus chips? I certainly didn’t. Sesame Garlic is perfect. Crunchy, light, delicious. With 60% less fat than potato chips this high fiber option is fabulous.

Some chips talk a good game. They boldly shout about their “great taste” and “big-time crunch” – without so much as a peep about all that salt, grease and fat. Humbles™ are different. First of all, they’re made by Good Health Natural Foods®, a leader in providing high-quality, great tasting snacks for health-conscious(aren’t we all?) individuals and their families. Second, Humbles™ (surprise!) are made from hummus – which is made from the humble chick pea, one of mankind’s favorite snacks for a millennium now – so they’re as naturally tasty as they are healthful. Baked to a crispy-crunchy golden brown, with only 4 or 4.5 grams of fat per serving(and no trans fat). Best of all, Humbles™ come in three deliciously distinctive flavors: Olive Oil, Lemon & Feta; Roasted Red Pepper; and Sesame Garlic. So let those run-of-the-mill chips keep running on about themselves. We’ll quietly and humbly let your mouth – and body – decide who’s best.

Popcorn Half Naked

OOoooooo this is good popcorn. Very nice. Light and fluffy. Not heavily salted.

For starters, we use only baby tender white corn, the plumpest and most tender popping corn ever raised on the farm. Then we lovingly air-pop these premium kernels into scrumptious fluffy morsels of gourmet goodness. And for the all-important final touch, performed in complete privacy, we lightly dress them in non-hydrogenated oil. And, like all good popcorn, you will naturally find kernels at the bottom of the bag.

Avocado Oil Potato Chips Come In:

Barcelona Barbecue

Barbeque flavor is slight. Crunch is nice. pretty darn good.

Chilean Lime

Extreme lime flavor. Great for anyone who loves the flavors of lime and salt.

Sea Salt

Uniquely creamy flavored oil gives these chips a very nice flavor. Touch of sea salt goes well.

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Ready to buy? Head on over to Good Health Natural Snacks and get ya some of these delicious natural snacks


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