Bringing Up Bobby

I got a chance to see one of the fabulous new releases from Monterey Media. They sent me a DVD copy of the independent film, “Bringing Up Bobby” This is the story of a beautiful, con-artist, Eastern European  mother who is trying to raise her son (Bobby) the best she can. Through numerous exploits and scams , Olive comes to realize that Bobby’s future is at stake. See what hapens when a new family steps in to help. Excellent fast paced movie full of great actors. Brining Up Bobby was released November 20th 2012 so look for it near you.

Bringing Up Bobby

Bringing Up Bobby” is about a European con artist named Olive (Jovovich) and her 10 year-old son Bobby (List) who arrive in Oklahoma to begin a new life. When Olive’s criminal past catches up to her, she is faced with putting her son’s happiness before her own. Mary (Cross) and her husband Kent (Pullman) try to heal from the death of their own son as they become part of Bobby’s life.

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