The Fishmonger’s Cookbook

Fish is one of my favorite meals to eat. Well anything from the ocean actually. Trouble was finding the right way to prepare the ocean’s treasures. I found a fabulous book from called The Fishmonger’s Cookbook. I recieved a copy for review, Let’s check it out.

The Fishmonger’s Cookbook

Mitchell Tonks – Author

Love that it includes buying guides with full color photos so you can be sure you are purchasing the best possible fish and shellfish available.. Also includes photographic tips for preparing your bounty. Examples of how properly pick crab meat and the best ways t cook fish. When the book arrived I wanted to try something out right away.It was too late to buy fish that evening so we tested out the tartar sauce recipe on page 23. It was extraordinary. Never had tartar sauce that delicious. All the recipes are simple to make and the results are fabulous. Book even includes a list of great seafood markets and restaurants you can visit.

Summary of The Fishmonger’s Cookbook

The only seafood cookbook you’ll ever need

Based around practicality and lifestyle, The Fishmonger’s Cookbook is the essential seafood guide teaching you everything from handy tips for cooking and preparing fish to simple and delicious recipes to feed a family, for a special occasion, or just for one. Learn how to tell what’s fresh and what’s not, the questions to ask your fishmonger, and which ingredients, prepared and put together simply, can produce the most mouthwatering dishes. With the emphasis is on fun, enjoyment and simplicity, this is the only seafood book you’ll ever need.

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