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 I love food. I love to cook healthy super tasty meals for my family.  Food is so important in my life I actually work in child nutrition and still come home and want to get creative in the kitchen. That is alot of time spent on my feet. Sometimes they get to hurting. Finding the right shoes can help some, but to really get the job done I highly suggest a good quality floor mat for your kitchen. I love the one I was sent from Imprint Comfort Mats.  The Cumulus PRO™ is a commercial grade anti-fatigue mat available for in home use. Yippee. The right mat can make all the difference in the world. People who are not on their feet all day just don’t realize what improper or no cushioning can do to your body. Not only can it affect your feet, but your lower back and legs as well. When I first started working in the industry the company I was employed by did not have the proper mats in place. After speaking with my boss she got some great mats for the floor. Then I wanted some for at home.

Imprint Comfort Mats are the answer. The CumulusPRO™ is sturdy, well cushioned, stylish and easy to clean. That part is super important. Gotta keep the kitchen sanitary. The cushioning on these sleek beauties is perfect. Not so soft you worry about your shoes leaving marks in it forever while still giving a tiny bouncy feel under your feet. That keeps your feet, legs and back happy all day long. Available in Black, Espresso Brown and Cinnamon Brown


Commercial Grade Anti-Fatigue Cushioning System

The newest introduction to the Imprint Comfort line of anti-fatigue mats, this commercial grade mat was developed to stand up to heavier demands in the home or workplace. CumulusPRO™ Mats offer a solid, one-piece 100% polyurethane construction with a high-density core that’s guaranteed not to lose support over time. Its heavy-duty surface is resistant to chemicals, abrasions and punctures.

Anti-Fatigue Mats for All-Day Standing

Proven Technology
CumulusPRO™ Mats are made with the proprietary Cushion-Core™ Technology that reduces fatigue and the dull ache that comes from standing on hard surfaces. The advantage is in its solid, one-piece polyurethane construction that stands up to the heavy-duty demands of the home or workplace. Designed with a high-density core, it exhibits superior elasticity, memory and quick rebound and is guaranteed not to lose support over time. 

Environmentally friendly
CumulusPRO is manufactured without formaldehyde or toxic, heavy metals. Unlike PVC products, they’re also free from noxious smells or chemical leaching. Our mats are non-toxic and phthalate free.

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Comments on: "Imprint® Comfort Mats – CumulusPro Anti-Fatigue Mats with Commercial Grade Anti-Fatigue Cushioning System" (1)

  1. Nan Bixby said:

    I have two of these in my in front of sink and one in front of stove. I have had them over a year and they are still great. I wish my whole kitchen floor was covered.

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