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With technology growing at leaps and bounds it is nice to see a toy out there that can still teach your kids the basics.Educational Insights introduces Watch It! Elapsed Time Clock. This is a fantastic way for your favorite younguns to learn how to read something non-digital. Teach em how to tell time on an analog clock and how to judge time that has elapsed. Great toy that teaches math skills. Educational Insights sent over Watch it! Elapsed Time Clock for us to review. Let’s check it out

Watch it! Elapsed Time Clock

Love that it doesn’t have batteries. No more complaints from the little ones when they have to wait to play. Easy to use. Includes a handy instruction booklet. Watch It! Elapsed Time Clock  is very well constructed. I love that the back side is see through so your little one can see the inner workings of the toy. This helps em learn mechanics and gearing as well as time and mathematical skills. Great for in classroom or home school setting.

The simplest, clearest way to teach elapsed time, this geared non-electronic set features two analog wristwatches with correlating digital clocks underneath. Move the minute hand on the first watch to your desired start time and the minute hand on the second watch to your finish time—the digital clocks underneath automatically adjust! Then, slide open the cover on the answer window to see the elapsed time or keep it closed to quiz students. Patent pending.

  • Includes two giant analog geared wristwatches; two correlating digital clocks; elapsed time answer window with sliding quiz cover and Teacher Guide with multilingual instructions (English, Spanish, French, and German)
  • No batteries required!
  • A clear and simple way to teach and quiz elapsed time
  • Provides reading analog clocks and adding time practice

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