OrganicaPure Cocoa and Honey Body Lotion

  I love the feeling really good lotion gives my skin. I also love it when that lotion is healthy for my skin. OrganicaPure sent over a bottle of their cocoa and honey body lotion for us to review.  Living in Texas alot of times the air is quite dry. This plays havoc on your skin. I drink plenty of water and still my skin needs more moisture. That is when I turn to organic and natural skincare for optimal results. OrganicaPure has great products to fit the bill. These guys aren’t afraid to show ya their ingredients either. That’s because everything is natural. Even their fragrances come from essential oils. No synthetic ingredients here. There are no paraban, phthalates or gentetically modified ingredients in any of OrganicaPures products. Why not feel good about what ya put on your skin. Use OrganicaPure.

mint cocoa & honey organic body lotion

Love the smell of this lotion. Has a hint of chocolate mint. Goes on smoothly, not sticky or greasy. Leaves skin feeling soft and silky. Love the pump style bottle. Dispenses just the right amount every time.

We’ve combined Mayan’s finest cocoa with highest quality honey to nourish dry skin without oily residue. As a finishing touch, we’ve infused a hint of mint into our body lotion to revitalize your skin

How it works:

Cocoa is an anti-wrinkle agent: It contains powerful anti-oxidant properties that prevent damage to your skin’s elastin and collagen, restoring and maintaining your youthful glow. It also works to moisturize and nourish your skin. Honey is also a gentle, healthy, natural moisturizer. As a humectant, honey helps your skin retain moisture without an oily buildup. Cocoa and honey work together in this luxurious body lotion to gently replenish moisture, while the mint revitalizes your skin.

Treat your skin to this restorative combination, and experience healthier skin than ever before!


Moisturized, glowing, revitalized skin

OrganicaPure Sells Products in Thee Great Categories:

  • anti stretchmark lotion
  • bath salts
  • body butter
  • body cream
  • body lotions
  • body scrubs
  • body splash
  • body wash gel
  • facial cleansers
  • shampoos
  • sunburn treatment

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Is Your Life “Scented”?

Finding the perfect bath and body products can be hard. Let me introduce y’all to some I really like. Scented sent over some of their fabulous products for review. Let’s check em out.

Body Crème

Lovely fresh clean scent. We just moved to an area where the humidity is much higher than where were before.So naturally I was wondering how sticky I would feel using lotion.  Scented sent me Coconut Lime Verbena. What an extraordinary fragrance. Doesn’t leave ya feeling sticky at all. Simply moisturized. Love this one.

Hand crafted with skin-softening botanical ingredients, our decadent Body Crème is bursting with fragrance and offers intense nourishment and moisturization. In tons of amazing fragrances, our Body Crème softens skin and combats dryness, leaving it lightly perfumed.

Bath Salts

I tried out Lavender Vanilla. Sultry and sexy. Smells and feels luxurious. Ya gotta try it.

Experience the indulgent satisfaction of a long, decedent soak, without the harmful chemicals that commercial bubble bath formulas add to your bath. Our aromatic bath salts infuse water with heavenly fragrance that lingers without stripping away the natural oils your skin needs to stay hydrated and nourished.

Body Polish

Peppermint Cafe will really wake ya up. Leaves ya feeling refreshed and clean. Skin is soft and smooth. Love it.

Our exfoliating sugar scrubs contain ultra-nourishing jojoba, coconut and sweet almond oils to hydrate your skin while scrubbing spheres slough away flakes and dead cells. In 3 decedent aromas, our Sugar Scrubs leave your skin smooth, glowing, lightly perfumed and perfectly moisturized.
We offer handcrafted, spa-quality and cruelty-free products free of harmful chemicals. Our Sugar Scrubs contain absolutely no parabens, animal products. They are free of any harsh ingredients that damage or irritate your skin.

Kiss My Lips

This is the lip balm youv’e been looking for. Goes on super smooth. Tastes great on the lips. Leaves that kiss-ably soft feel all day long.

Formulated with ultra-nourishing botanical butters and oils, Scented’s Kiss My Lips lip balms are packed with moisture and bursting with intense fragrance. Wear alone or under your favorite lip color for smooth, soft lips that are perfectly hydrated and moisturized.

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