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  Candles are a great way to fragrance your home. The trouble with em is they can sometimes be dangerous. Candle Warmers Etc., The Original Alternative to Lighting  a Candle showed me the way to get that great smell without the flame. October 8-12 is National Fire Prevention Week and Candle Warmers Etc sent us a couple of items for review. With the holidays just around the corner going flame-less and practicing candle-sense is the way to go. Lets Check out what they sent.

Ceramic Candle Warmer Lantern

I received the one in rustic jade. I love the color, so beautiful. Goes with many decors. Beautiful even before adding the incredible scent. Love the decorative touches. Carved designs lets light spill through adding to the ambiance. LED light started melting the scented wax almost immediately. Gorgeous and so much safer than a flame. especially around children. You know how easily candles can get knocked over by children playing. My favorite part… No blown out candle smell when you are done.

Create a warm mood in your home with the Ceramic Candle Warmer Lantern. A soft halogen light warms the top of the candle releasing the candle’s aroma within minutes, creating the ambiance of a burning candle. Offered in five rich, high-fired glazes with Damask and decorative vine accents, the Ceramic Lantern adds a unique accent to your home décor. Accomodates most 12-22 oz candles.

Jamie Clair Wicked Candles

Large candle looks fantastic displayed in warmer. As the wax melts that wonderful Cinnamon Cider smell wafted throughout the entire house. We were able to enjoy the fragrance everywhere not just right around the warmer. That is so cool.

Cinnamon Cider

The warm, inviting fragrance of apples and cinnamon!

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Ready to buy?  Head on over to Candle Warmers Etc and get ya some of these great alternatives to lighting candles.


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